10 Stupid Comments To Look Forward To From Clueless Football Fans During World Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4 years of patiently waiting, the world cup is finally here! Yes the biggest showpiece in the world is just hours away from kick off.

All the 32 participating teams have landed in Russia ahead of the tournament which kicks off on Thursday, June 14, 2018 and runs till 15th July, 2018 and the world cup fever is real!

Millions of Kenyans have either become first time TV owners or upgraded their sets to ‘accommodate’ their football needs for the next four weeks. Fans across the world have also bought football kits in support of their favorite nations.

With billions of eyes expected to follow the showpiece, we are bound to experience happiness, disappointment, anger as well as hilarious moments from the fans.

Among what am looking forward to is the awkward moments from clueless football fans who obviously wouldn’t want to be left behind. PS I did not mention the ladies.

Below is a list of stupid comments I am looking forward to this world cup period.

  1. When did Portugal buy Ronaldo?
  2. Babe the game ended 1-1 so who won?
  3. What happens when the referee dishes out a green card?
  4. Did Wanyama go to the world cup?
  5. Why has Gor Mahia never qualified for the world cup?
  6. If I was Arsene Wenger I would follow Ozil in Germany and let Arsenal fans suffer
  7. Can a team score during half time before their opponents take to the pitch?
  8.  Where will next year’s world cup be staged?
  9. When players exchange jerseys can they use the other team’s shirts to play in the next game?
  10. What happens when a player scores an own goal from a free kick?

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