Dear Husband, This Is Why I Cheated. City Woman Explains Why She Is Pregnant With Her Lovers Child

Five women have been brave enough to write letters to their husbands explaining why they stepped out on them in marriage.

The wife, whose name has been changed says she cheated on her husband in their third year of marriage. And she will tell the hubby all this when they meet at the attorney’s office when she initiates divorce proceedings.

Here is the letter as published on the Daily Nation.

Dear Husband,

Hope this finds you well. These past three months I have taken time to ponder our situation and I figured that I owe you an explanation.
In the five years we have been married, I have not lacked, so I wouldn’t blame you (for my cheating). It is solely based on our lack of emotional connection which made me feel neglected and unwanted. Dave and I started seeing each other in the third year of our marriage, after we met at the home expo where I had an exhibition stand. It started very innocently, with him wanting to get more information about our company, which led to him getting my cell number. Before long our professional calls and texts turned into lunches and coffee dates.

Dave was emotionally available and fun to be with, which made it easy for me to fall for him. You see, my dear husband, by then I could not remember the last time I had had a good laugh with you or even a deep conversation.
I think our rift started when we started trying for a baby and it was not happening. Our love making turned into a chore and eventually faded away. This made me feel ugly and undesired. Please don’t get me wrong: I’m not justifying my infidelity, I’m merely explaining the frame of mind I was in.

My affair with Dave escalated from a good time fling to a full-fledged relationship; we became friends and shared almost everything. The weekend rendezvous were no longer enough; I started inviting him as I travelled upcountry for work-related market visits. It was easy for Dave because he is romantically unattached. He really welcomed me into his life.

I have met his close friends and even have wardrobe space in his house. I’m sorry that you had to find out about my love affair because of the pregnancy; I was not trying to be malicious by telling you that I’m expectant yet we both know we have not had sexual relations in a long while. That’s when I realised how much I had been craving for that baby; I let my excitement take me. It’s too bad that our marriage was put to the test by our childlessness. I know I have caused you much pain but I pray that you forgive me and start working at moving on with your life.

I hope when I see you next month at the attorney’s office you will have had enough time to digest all this and that we will start the divorce process as friends.

Love, Mary.


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