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300-500 Patients Hospitalized Monthly Due To Snake Bites In Kenya – Survey

Approximately 300-500 people are admitted every month in Kenyan hospitals due to snake bites, survey carried by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has shown.

Between 15 to 25 people lose their lives every day at different degrees while over 100 are being amputated causing them permanent disabilities.

This is according to research by the Snake Bite Rescue Rehabilitation and Research Centre Kenya (SNABIRC).

Addressing Media in Kabarnet town, Baringo County on Tuesday, the organization founder Dr Winnie Bore said Snakebite is a serious public health problem that affects majority people in dry areas especially in Baringo, Eastern and North Eastern parts of Kenya.

Dr Bore said the organization has worked around and carried statistics in the five counties within the above regions since 2015.

“The menace of snakebites has not been taken seriously by the government and people are really suffering on the ground especially at the snakebite hot spots” said Ms Bore.

She said estimated 33.3 percent of the patients lose their lives and the rest will become disabled at different degrees, approximately 5 percent will require amputation.

Spot check by Snabirc-Kenya revealed that availability of anti-venom has been a big challenge in many areas and the drugs miss out in most health facilities.

In the few available facilities, Dr Bore said the drugs potency towards the snake species found in the particular geographical area is not guaranteed.

Dr Bore further claim the victims experience challenges accessing the treatment centers saying the patients have to travel at least 30 to 50 kilometers to get to a well equipped facility.

“Most bites occur at night and getting quick transport to the health facility is not easy, bearing in mind that snake venom can cause death in 15 minutes to half hour if treatment is not promptly initiated” she said.

Photo Credits: The Star

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