About Us

Radio Jambo is the 2nd biggest radio station in Kenya and boasts of the number one drive show despite being in the market for only 6 years. The station has the largest footprint of any privately owned radio station in Kenya and targets 20-40 year olds. Radio Jambo has a strong sports heritage hence attracting this diverse demographic that cuts across the ethnic, social, and geographical divide in Kenya.

The station has vibrant personalities anchoring all the shows across the day, thus attracting a mature audience across the country, reaching 8.6M listeners on a weekly basis and growing.

We are the home of Kenya’s funniest breakfast show: Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi and the number one drive show in Nairobi Mbusi na Lion Teke Teke. Broadcasting from 19 locations in Kiswahili making it one of Kenya’s biggest radio networks.

Radio Jambo offers engaging talk on socio-political, issues affecting Kenyans everyday with quality local news along with KPL & EPL football commentaries, sports news, interviews and updates. We also Play a great music mix of Rumba, Bongo, Benga, Reggae and Gospel.