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Action demanded over HEARTBREAKING photos of starving Kenyans

Pictures of the extent of famine in Turkana and Baringo has sparked outrage.

Kenyans are demanding answers from the government, how the situation of famine has not been addressed by either the county government or the national government.

Around 805,000 people out of 1.2 million people in Turkana are faced with starvation.

CS Wamalwa says the National government has enough food to feed affected victims, while flagging off food to Turkana on Saturday.

Kenyans have expressed outrage using the trending hashtag. Read the comments below:

online 24..
They transport 5 trucks of oil every day from turkana to Mombasa but they can’t transport food from kitale to turkana.for sure this is a shithole country.#Turkana

People who voted for you are dying of hunger…HUNGER! Yet all you do is spend billions of money to fund projects that only favors a fraction of people not all. Middle finger to these politicians.


Turkana county is allocated the equalization fund to help them get to par with the other counties, what have they been doing with that allocation? #Turkana

Leonard Ekuam..
A rich Turkana County with Oil and water belongs to the government. A resident of Turkana belongs to no one. All are dying in the name of hunger because of our corrupt leaders. #Turkana

Sam 🇰🇪..
I can’t believe this.
Something must be done with an immediate effect, this is a big shame to our #government, people are dying while billions of money are being ‘sacked’ by our mpigs, is #Turkana in kenya really???

Protege Abiud 🇰🇪..
The Kenyan government has and is neglecting those who voted it in,Turkana be an oil rich county should not see it people languishing in poverty and dying because of hunger and lack of water @EugeneWamalwa hizo mahindi ziko silos mnataka kuziuza?#KenyansforKenyan #Turkana

Mohamed Abdihafidh..
Even in the poorest of countries these things hardly happen.
Aren’t there local leaders(chiefs) who report these things and why wasnt there action taken?
Turkana and Baringo Governors should be hanged at Uhuru Park together with Gideon Moi who wants prezo. #FaillingGOK

Janet Mbugua Ndichu..
The images coming out of #Turkana have been shown across our screens and dailies for decades. The people tasked with ensuring that food, shelter & all the other RIGHTS that the people of Turkana deserve, have made it a habit of playing politics…with peoples lives. I’m Broken 💔

Photo Credits: twitter

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