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I apologize for the agony I’ve caused my team mates – Afc Leopards captain Kamura

AFC Leopards captain Robinson Kamura confirmed that he has already apologized to his team mates, after a video of him criticizing his strikers went viral on social media.

The video was shot after AFC Leopards lost 4-1 to Bandari in their premier league fixture last Sunday.

robinson kamura

‘AFC Leopards haina strikers wanaeza tushindia game!’ Skipper Robinson Kamura shouts

Flanked by dozens of frustrated fans, Kamura was forced to point out a number of key issues affecting the once flourishing club and he pointed out his team’s lack of firepower. He even went to a point of mentioning Congolese striker, Wayeka Tatuwe  and Tanzanian, Bonventure Kaheza.

“All I can say is this, the problem with this team is since I signed for AFC Leopards three years ago, we have never had a striker whom we can for sure say will score before any game.” Said Kamura.

In my time here, the club has never signed a player whom can win us a game, I am even the team’s top scorer. He added.

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His razor sharp words seemed to have irked the players as well as Ingwe fans with some suspecting he has caused unrest in the changing room.

However, in an exclusive interview, Kamura, clarified that he had spoken to the mentioned players adding that he apologized and there is no bad blood in the squad.

According to Kamura, he was under pressure from the fans and he found himself in an awkward situation but regrets it all.

Robinson Kamura and AFC Leopards coach Casa Mbungo
Robinson Kamura and AFC Leopards coach Casa Mbungo

Regarding the video that was shot in Mombasa all I can say is I have spoken to the players that I mentioned, I did not name names with bad intentions. Said Kamura.

He added;

I was not forced to name them but the situation I was in, you can imagine after the game the fans demanded answers. As a captain I did not avoid them and I told them that AFC leopards’ problem is we are not scoring enough goals.

I ask for forgiveness from the players since they were offended, and the team spirit in the squad is still there nothing has divided us since the players understood the situation I was in.

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He went on to say that he is not a dictator or someone who calls out his team mates.

Watch the exclusive interview below.

Photo Credits: Douglas Okiddy

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