Arocho takes 10 cows to in-laws to commemorate a decade in Marriage

Last Saturday, renown TV and radio sports journalist Fred Arocho visited his in laws in Ugenya constituency, Siaya county to mark 10 years in marriage.

fred arocho and his wife sophie cutting the cake

Arocho is married to his beautiful wife, Sophie with whom they have four children (one girl and three boys).

In order to mark 10 beautiful years since he said ‘I do’ to Sophie, Arocho decided to travel to his wife’s home in Ugenya, where the two renewed their vows in style!

The beautiful couple marked their 10 year anniversary over the long Easter weekend.

Fred Arocho renews vows

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Speaking exclusively to, the ‘Laduuma’ famed presenter revealed that he took 10 cows to his loving in laws as a way of thanking them for blessing him with a lovely and a kind woman in Sophie.


It’s been 10 years since I married my wife and I went to Ugenya to my in-laws this past Saturday  where I took 10 cows to signify the years I have been with my love. Said an extremely excited Arocho.

He added,

I took my brothers and friends with me and it was a very colorful occasion.

My wife’s friends whom together belong to a women’s organisation called Dynabrains also graced the occasion.

fred aroccho in laws

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Arocho's wife Sophie (Left) and his twin brother's wife Mercy

In Ugenya, the Arocho’s were welcomed in style and a bull was slaughtered in their honor to signify that their in law was around.

According to the award winning commentator, the ceremony saw a total of up to 300 people flood the homestead with people coming as far as Busia to celebrate with their local hero.

Fred Arocho's wife Sophie and members of Dynabrains

At the ceremony, a bull was slaughtered and that was to let everyone know that the in law is here. People came in their hundreds with some coming as far as Busia county. 

In one of my shows I had announced that I was traveling to Ugenya to renew my vows and word spread like wildfire, hence the huge turn out. My heart is full!

fred arocho Dynabrains


Photo Credits: Fred Arocho

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