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woman By Choice not Chance

The sad story of a woman who used a coat hanger in the backstreet

The fist suggested that she drink up detergent. They then changed and recommended that she takes tea. Strong black tea to be precise. “No”, someone else chimes in. “That won’t...
Common places these unsafe abortions are conducted include homes (bedrooms); lodgings, or even private offices. Photo / COURTESY

Five things you need to know about unsafe abortions

According to the World Health Organization Unsafe abortion is one of the four main causes of maternal mortality and morbidity in the world. An estimated 22 million abortions continue to be...
Fatuma Zarika in the UK

Why the Zarika versus Mercado boxing match is worth looking forward to

Kenya’s prolific female boxer and World Boxing Council (WBC) Super bantamweight champion, Fatuma ‘Iron Fist’ Zarika is full of confidence ahead of her fight scheduled for September 8. She’s been...
Unsafe Abortion

An average of seven women die daily from unsafe abortions

In 2014 the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) found that 36 per cent of births in the preceding five years were reported as unintended or mistimed and this figure...
Fatuma Zarika with legendary boxer Mike Tyson

Fatuma Zarika has risen in the ranks of boxing in the toughest way possible

She is the quintessential woman. An inspiration to everyone who harbors the thought of ever giving up. Fatuma Zarika has been through a lot in her life and her remarkable...

Don Moen with Lenny LeBlanc: The unmissable concert happening this weekend.

When it was first announced about two months ago, it took Kenyans by storm. Don Moen is actually among Kenya’s most listened to gospel artists with unforgettable songs like God...