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chinese in brotherls kenya

15 Chinese nationals arrested in South C over prostitution

By MELANIE MWANGI Immigration officers on Wednesday arrested 15 Chinese in a brothel in South C estate. It is believed they have been engaging in prostitution. “The 15 Chinese were...

Shock as ten-year-old boy commits suicide in Murang’a

Grief has engulfed Gathiru village in Kigumo sub county after a 10 year old boy committed suicide on Saturday. Caleb Mihunyo, a class three pupil at Gatumbi primary school was given...
former garissa

Muslim leaders fundraiser for former Garissa Finance CEC Idris Mukhtar (Photos)

Islamic Scholars and leaders at White Star Restaurant Kileleshwa gathered together this past weekend to fundraise for murdered former Garissa Finance CEC Idris Mukhtar who was shot on Aug 18...

Hizo Pockets Kubwa Ni Za Kuweka Bribes? Politicians, Celebrities and Kenyans react to new police uniforms in hilarious way

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday unveiled new uniforms for police officers. “These uniform will enhance visibility of the officers. Tungependa tuone hiyo uniform…” Uhuru said during the re-organisation of the Kenya Police. The uniforms...

Tanzania bans female MP’s from entering Parliament with fake nails and eyelashes

On a scale of 1 to 10, how ridiculous is this? The Speaker is said to have warned women MP’s that they won’t be allowed into the chambers. ‘With the...
electricity pole in house

Photo of the day 10th September, 2018: Dear KPLC, kujeni muone hii

yamileth and zarika

‘I am dissatisfied with the decision’ Mexican boxer Yamileth Mercado declares after bout with Fatuma Zarika

She lost to Kenyan boxer Zarika Fatuma in a highly anticipated match on Saturday. Zarika Fatuma retained the WBC title, and many Kenyans were excited. Zarika garnered a total of...
politicians still looking youngcollage

A list of politicians who have not aged one bit (Photos)

On Women’s day this year a photo of former Vice President Moody Awori surfaced online. Many Kenyans were so impressed with the photo because he looked just like they remember...

Poleni: Company that employed racist Chinese apologizes for monkeys slur

A company that had hired Chinese Liu Jiaqi who referred to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans as monkeys has apologised. Sonlink said it was aware of the video in June and...
mp fight in parliament

Kwani Wamelaaniwa? Here are videos of politicians fighting

There is so much going on in Kenyan politics  that perhaps you feel warrants a kick or two. Watching the evening news disgusts so many people, and below are videos...