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Unyama! Baringo woman seeking justice after husband rapes her 3 daughters!

A mother in Baringo is undergoing anguish and pain after finding out that her 3 daughters were sexually abused by their biological father.

Sally Chelimo (not her real name) is crying for justice after her three daughters aged between 7 and 14 years were raped severally by their father.

The father infected his daughters with a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

“This is a real beast, I want him arrested and jailed for raping my innocent daughters and denying them a good future,” Chelimo told media in Kabarnet town today on Friday.

She said she did not return back to her matrimonial home after fleeing owing to a dispute that saw her husband almost beat her to death in December 2018.

“He was a humble man when I met him in 1999 before he changed after he started heavy drinking in 2005,” Chelimo said.

She said the violent man used to return home every day late and drunk.

“He began beating us randomly in the house. I used to persevere thinking he might change but he got worse and I finally decided to flee fearing for my life, leaving him with the children,” Chelimo said.

Residents led by the local chief said the man used to share a bed with his daughters.

They said since the man divorced his two previous wives, he has become hostile in the community and even walks around with a panga threatening to kill every person he spots walking around or talking to his current wife.

Police are currently pursuing the suspect who fled away after he realised the police are searching for him.

“He will run but not hide, we will catch up with him to face the full force of the law,” Baringo North OCPD Chemongis Ndiema said.

Kabartonjo hospital senior clinical officer Sammy Kirwok said all the three girls had bruises due to forceful penetration into their private parts.

He confirmed all three were infected with an STI.

Baringo North Deputy Commissioner Obwocha Bwobwocha condemned the incident instructing the local chiefs to give information leading to the immediate arrest of the suspect.

County Children’s coordinator Otchom Omutse said the children have already been rescued and handed to their mother.

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