‘Being a comedienne comes with loads of challenges,’ Teacher Wanjiku opens up

Seasoned comedienne, Teacher wanjiku has revealed that being a female entertainer in Kenya is a huge challenge itself.

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Being in a male dominated industry for a decade now, Wanjiku who has seen her star rise over the years since making her debut in Kenyan screens, says that people still find it hard to acknowledge female comedians as well as trust them to deliver unique and quality content.

Kwanza wanawake sio wengi tuko wadogo sana na wanaume wamejaa wako kila mahali. Challenge kubwa imekuwa just people believing as a woman you can be able to deliver. She said in an exclusive interview with Massawe Japanni.

She continued;

Comedy is either you are funny or not hatuna gender rule kwa comedy. So also that is a very big challenge kwani as a woman you have to make sure you are the best.

Being a male dominated industry, what makes Teacher Wanjiku standout is because she is original, she understands her content and understands her audience kwani aniwacha pia audience iseme chenye inataka.

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What keeps her relevant and in check?

Naweza sema Teacher Wanjiku ana discipline kwani lazima uwe na nidhamu, uwe una skiza lazima uwe una kubali opinions na pia ukubali watu wakukosoe.

Biggest highlight of her comedy career?

My all-time favorite jokes was one I performed about Kinyozi escapades, the second one about drunkards, wedding committee whatsapp group where everyone left and I was left with the bride and bridegroom.

Listen to her interview in the audio below.


Photo Credits: victor TKO imboto

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