African countries with the most powerful armies

When it comes to the army, different countries have tried their best to enhance it. This is because they are very important when it comes to securing the nations’ borders and its people. Different armies have advanced differently due to the kind of training they receive and advancement of technology.

  1. Egypt


Egypt has the best army in Africa due to its number and advancement in equipment. It has nearly 500 000 army personnel and has over 10 000 armored fighting vehicles.It also has  60,000 logistical vehicles, 900 aircraft.



Algeria has ensured that its army is top notch, even its air force and navy as well. Algeria’s active front line personnel number more than 127,000 troops and it has nearly 2,000 armored fighting vehicles at its disposal.

It has the second most powerful army in Africa.



Since Ethiopia is landlocked, it hasn’t focused on having the navy. It has ensured that its army and air force are one of the best in Africa.

Its huge number of people also helped with the big number of army personnel.

4.South Africa

south africa

Being one of the biggest economies in Africa, South Africa has ensured that its army is among the best as well. Its aircraft and naval vessels are notoriously well equipped with the latest technology, and though the country has less than 100,000 active front line personnel, it has the capabilities and manpower for much more.



Nigeria having the biggest economy in Africa has also ensured that its army is top notch.Due to its abundance in oil it has been easy for it to maintain its big number of army personnel.

Nigeria has more than 1,400 armored vehicles, 360 tanks, and 6,000 logistical vehicles at its disposal, as well as nearly 300 aircraft and 25 high-powered naval vessels.



Kenya has established itself as a vital participant in international peacekeeping missions, and is able to do so due to its merchant marine strength and an enormous labor force.

With the army having one of the best training in Africa and the country’s leaders being strong, this has helped the army improve . They have even been able to push away the Al-shabab from its borders.



The military has at its disposal 2,120 armored fighting vehicles, 1,348 tanks, 323 total aircraft pieces, and a total naval strength of 121.They have also been involved in a good number of peace keeping projects.



The Tunisian Armed Forces is composed of three mechanized brigades, one Saharan territorial group, one special forces group, and one military police regiment. They hold 900 armored fighting vehicles, 350 tanks, a manpower of over five million, 139 pieces of aircraft and a total naval strength of 50.



It has the army , navy and air force .It owns 920 armored fighting vehicles, 140 tanks, 270 pieces of aircraft, and has a navy of 56 craft.



Its strength comes from its large number of equipment even though the troops might be little. The country still has available 2,500 armored fighting vehicles, 500 tanks, 600 towed artillery pieces, 6,500 logistical vehicles, and much more.

‘I don’t want to get married to anyone not even Mariga,’ – Joey Muthengi

TV host Joey Muthengi has spoken out and clarified the ongoing stories of her reported whirlwind romance with football star McDonald Mariga.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, she said;

“This story with Mariga has gotten out of control. The media started it, they perpetuated it and now they have ended it.”

She is quoted in an interview saying:

“I don’t know where this (relationship) will take us. Ask Mariga. But we will see what becomes of it. Unfortunately, I just felt that what I was going to do with life did not coincide with what Citizen TV had for me. Besides, I had a good time there and I will miss everyone, especially my fans.”

Joey explained that she was misquoted, she said:

“After I was asked, what kind of guy Mariga is, The words I used were, ‘he is a nice guy, he is cool’. and That is it. There is no reason to read in between the lines.”

She continued that she wants to clear the air further that she is not moving to Milan, Italy but rather she will be there for “work”.

“Actually I’m not dating.”

Asked is she plans to get married, Joey responded with a hard cold, “No!”

“That has never been something I wanted to do. Never ever. You can even ask my mother. Marriage is not for everyone. I don’t feel like it is a must. If it is not helping me wachana nayo.”

She went ahead to talk about past relationships saying, “I have been hurt a lot. I have chosen badly I cannot blame them, I love bad boys and I love hard. Now I Just keep my distance. I think that has also contributed to why I don’t ever want to get married.”

joey Muthengi MarigaA family member came out to claims that Mariga is planning to wed his baby mama and not Joey.

“He is married to his mixed-race wife in Italy and they have a daughter, Kenisha, together she is very private they are planning on getting married in Spain in summer 2019,” a source told

Adding, “and Victor Wanyama is the best man.”

Summer in Italy begins on Friday, 21 June and ends on Monday, 23 September. So if the bride and groom-to-be are to choose a date, it will fall between those four months.

Joey categorically stated:

“There is now wedding, there is no relationship with Mariga. [The chemistry we had on the Betin adverts were] because we are both chill people, it was easy.”

Parents want teachers in Baringo School transferred over poor KCPE results

Angry parents of Ng’oron boarding primary school in Tiaty Sub-county, Baringo County are up in arms against the teachers over poor KCPE results.

They demand immediate transfer of the head teacher Peter Maina with all his under performing colleagues, threatening to protest and close down the institution next term.

“Teachers Service Commission (TSC) should intervene immediately to transfer the head teacher with all his drunken colleagues else we no longer keep watching our children produce useless marks every year” Tirioko Ward MCA Sam Lokales told Star on Wednesday.

Lokales said the school has a total of six teachers against population of 431 pupils, “meaning the ratio is one teacher handles 71 pupils” he said.

He said the first child scored 283 marks in the just announced KCPE results and out of total 24 candidates only nine managed over 200 marks.

The school posted a mean score of 192 compared to 267 in 2017 and 2016 respectively.

Lokales said Ngoron primary has never produced any celebrated examination results since its establishment in 1973, blaming it on laxity of the teachers.

“We regret that as we continue as stakeholders pulling together resources to improve the structures in the boarding school, the teachers keep on letting us down” he said.

However the school is a locality inhabited by the pokot pastoral community whose larger ‘illiterate’ population values retrogressive cultures of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), cattle rustling and early marriages.

A parent Sammy Samali Sammy questioned the government saying where do all these failed children go? “I think these are wasted Kenyans I fear the girls might end up being engaged in fgm and early marriage while the boys will turn into bandits.

Another parent Ngoriamuket Asimakok reiterated that the head teacher must go saying they can’t wait to see such results again come next year.

However, contacted for comment the head teacher Peter Maina said although the exams were marked competitively according to the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) standards, the children really deserved the low marks.

“These are people who do not even read well or write then how do you expect a miracle out of them during exams” Maina said adding that he is barely five months old in the school.

He also blamed the poor performance to retrogressive cultures the parents engage their children in among them fgm, early marriages and banditry.

“For example some two teenage girls in the school got pregnant, gave birth and while breast feeding they came back to sit for their KCPE exam only to get 135 and 156 marks respectively” Maina said.

He said he is preparing a comprehensive report concerning the school and he will by next month present it to the ministry of education. Ends


Military join in hunt and rescue mission of an Italian woman kidnapped in Chakama ranch

The military has joined in hunt and rescue mission of an Italian woman who was kidnapped from a shopping centre in Chakama Ranch, Kilifi County.

The military joined a multi-agency security teams in an active operation to rescue the lady with the objective of getting the abductors and dealing with them in accordance with the law, police say.

Gunmen whose motive is yet to be established attacked an orphanage home and shot and injured five people before kidnapping the woman on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, three suspected thugs were last night shot dead in a botched robbery in a house in Mukuru slums, Nairobi. The suspects are said to have been part of a gang that had been attacking and robbing residents when an alarm was raised alerting police on patrol.

Police say three others managed to escape on foot in the incident and that crude weapons were recovered from the slain men. This is the latest incident to happen in the city in the campaign against armed robberies.

More than 30 suspects have been killed in the campaign in the last month alone in the city.

-Cyrus Ombati

PATANISHO: ‘Wewe bwanangu sio ndege yenye itanipeleka America!’

Caro alituma ujumbe akiomba apatanishwe na bwanake kwani watoto wake wanateseka, akidai kuwa alimng’oa jino.

PATANISHO: Tulitengana na bwana yangu 2014 lakini haoneshi hamu ya kurudiana

Mimi nimeishi na huyu mwanaume 13 years ambapo alikuja akaoa mke mwingine na akanipiga, akanidunga kisu, akaning’oa jino na bado amekataa kushughulikia watoto. Alijieleza Carol.

“Ilikuwa last year mwezi wa kumi na enyewe nilimkosea bibi yangu sana na naomba msamaha, Sitawahi rudia tena hadi radi inipasue, niliomba msamaha hadi kwa pastor na nikaapa kuwa sitarudia tena. “ Alijietetea bwana Titus huku akiwa mwenye majonzi mengi.

Isitoshe Carol naye alibadilisha mambo na kumuomba mumewe atafute mke mwingine kwa hofu kuwa atauliwa mwishowe.

Patanisho: Na hisi nimetengana na bwanangu juu ya kutoweza kupata mtoto

Wewe Titus nakuambia wewe sio ndege yenye itanipeleka America! Aliongeza Carol akidai hataki kurudiana na mumewe lakini anataka ashughulikie watoto.


Ogopa hii mitaa! Nairobi’s most dangerous hoods

Every city around the world have places where people get goosebumps just by the mention of the names. These places usually have bad reputation, either because of the environment or the people who stay there.

Its never easy for the residents who live in those areas because of one reason or another but the fact remains that, these places have certain people who tend to be in charge of them. Not the police but gangs which have been spread out in those places.

Here in Nairobi there are such places. However, the government is doing an incredible job dealing with those gang crew members and even ensuring these cartels have no power any more.

1. Kayole


KAYOLE: Two suspected thugs gunned down, pistol found on them

Kayole was one of the most feared places in Nairobi due to the great number of theft and deaths that were taking place. People who reside here and those who would pass by would do that with caution due to the fear of being attacked.

It is said that gangs would ask for protection fees from the residents and the questions asked always was, who are they protecting you from while they are the ones who people need protection from.

2. Dandora Phase 2


NGO condemns police for killing five Dandora gangsters

Dandora which is greatly known for its large dumpsite is among one of the most feared places in Nairobi.

If you look unfamiliar to the folks there you immediately attract unnecessary attention, some of the people you attract are the thugs and gang members who reside there.

They have a habit of telling you to remove or give them something you might have. They’d do so in a well behaved manner waiting to see how you would react to them. If you do so in a negative way you might just as well flee from the area immediately they are done with you because they would act on you ruthlessly.

The government has been fighting such tendencies in the area to the point that all thugs who are found are killed.

3. Huruma


The thugs here are quite harmful. For them, they don’t believe in stealing from you and letting you go free, they steal and ensure that they leave a permanent mark on your body as a reminder.

They are the kind who tend to attack you with weapons like daggers or any other thing so that they harm you.

4. Kawangware


In Kawangware there is a place known as Congo. Around this area, two gang groups operate and each one of them has their own place or rather side of which they operate in. They never clash. The police around the area fear this part of Kawangware and always tend to pull out from getting involved with things happening there.

5. Kariobangi North 


In this area the thugs tend to have a valuable radar in them. They are usually able to detect people who carry valuable items with them. When they do so, they tend to go snatch from the person and flee with it.

If by any chance you go in such areas you would be advised to leave all your valuable items at home, or somewhere safer.

Police looking for suspects who killed Top performing KCPE in Murang’a

The police are looking for unknown people who murdered a 15 years old KCPE candidate in Gatitu village, Kandara sub county, Murang’a County.

The boy, Juliano Kanyonyo Mbatha emerged third in his school after scoring 376 marks but was found dead in his room on Sunday.

Kanyonyo had undergone circumcision last Monday and was on his last day of bed rest when he passed away.

According to his uncle Joseph Kamande, his mother called for him and when he did not answer she got into his room with a few relatives and found him dead in his bed.

Kamande noted that Kanyonyo was producing a bloody foam from his mouth when they found him.

County Commander of Police Farah Mohamed noted that an autopsy conducted on the deceased on Tuesday revealed that he had died from brain hemorrhage.

“The postmortem results revealed that the boy had blunt force trauma in his head that is consistent with assault,” he said.

He said the police are now looking for the people behind the boy’s murder saying they will be arrested and charged with murder.

“We have just started our investigations and will work closely with the boy’s family to ensure the culprits are found,” he added.

Mohamed warned residents against harassing initiates in the name of tradition saying it could escalate into assault and cause loss of life as in Kanyonyo’s case.

Locals had expressed concerns that the boy had been tortured to death as a way of graduating him into adulthood.

“We have to know who was talking to him, at what time and why and I know it is only a matter of time before we get the killers,” Mohamed said.

Kanyonyo’s death has caused grief in the entire village that has eulogized him as a disciplined and hard-working boy who had a bright future.

Gatitu Primary school head teacher Robert Muchara said the boy had been a top performer and was always focused on his studies.

Kanyonyo had started a rabbit rearing project in his home that he tended to in his free time and was a partial orphan after his father passed away in 2012.


Drama in Eldoret after 7 children protested against court order putting them in their mother’s custody

Seven children caused a stir and drama at a court in Eldoret after they burst out crying to protest against a magistrate’s order requiring them to be in the custody of their mother.

Eldoret Children’s Court magistrate, Stella Telewa had ruled that the children should be in the custody of their mother Joyce Mutoro who has been in a legal dispute with her husband Jack Mutoro over custody of the children.

The couple separated over claims of infidelity against the woman.

Joyce went to court seeking to have custody of the children who have been living with their father. The court ruled that he should surrender them to their mother.

However, when the verdict was interpreted to the children outside the court, they caused drama as they cried saying they did not want to live with their mother.

Mutoro has asked the children to go with their mother as ordered by the court but they wailed attracting a huge crowd of people who were near the court premises.

The children vowed to stick with their father despite a court ruling.

Asked why they wanted to stick with their father, some of the children said they felt safe in the custody of Mutoro.

“We don’t want our mother and we will still go to live with our father”, said one of the children. They accused their mother of abandoning them after the separation and insisted that they could only trust their father.

Mutoro had told the court that he separated from the woman accusing her of cheating on him. He claimed that the woman had a relationship with a teacher back at their home near Soy in Kakamega county.

“I was even forced to demolish our house and let her go to the other man”, said Mutoro. But the woman denied the allegations and accused Mutoro of telling lies to attract sympathy.

The two parties with their lawyers were forced to go back to the court where the children were allowed to stay with their father in the

Mutoro said the decision of the court was unfair to the children. Mutoro said he would appeal against the court verdict but he was ready to take care of the children aged between 10 and 17 years.

One of the children threatened to commit suicide by taking poison if he was forcefully separated from her father.

-Mathews Ndanyi

A list of the times Parliamentary sessions have ended up in fights

We are no longer surprised when we see our leaders fight after a heated discussion in chambers.

From your favorite MCA’s to MP’s here is a list of those leaders who have been seen on video fighting.

At times one tends to wonder do these mps remember they have families watching them and friends as well, or do they only think about themselves?

1. South Africa 


Radical mps in South Africa threw punches during one of their parliamentary sessions. It was when the former President Jacob Zuma was to give the State of the Nation address that they stood up to cause the chaos telling the former president to resign.

2. Uganda 


When the parliament in Uganda wanted to change the issue of presidential age limit. This is because their constitution stated that a president should not be 75 years and above. However, their current president passed that age limit which later ended up with a fight.

3. Kenya


Fistfights and scuffles broke out in the Kenyan parliament in 2014 as members approved sweeping anti-terrorism laws that rights activists warn pose a draconian threat to civil liberties and freedom of speech.

The Speaker was thrown for books and other objects by some members of parliament.

Wacheni aitwe Mungu! : Daddy Owen reveals terrifying details of how he lost his eye

Gospel artist Owen Mwatia popularly known as Daddy Owen, revealed shocking details on how he lost one of his eyes a while back before he gave his life to Christ.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, the ‘Vanity’ hit maker lost one of his eyes after he was stabbed by an angry mob while robbing commuters in Nairobi.

According to the award winning singer, he was in a gang which terrorized Nairobi residents back in the day and he was in going by his ‘business’ when his proverbial 40 days had finally reached.

Gospel artist Daddy Owen and family commemorate their late dad

The gang were set to rob commuters but his gang members ditched their plan upon realizing the a police officer had boarded the same matatu, leaving an unsuspecting Daddy Owen who was anxious to execute the plan.

The commuters turned on him beating him up mercilessly, stabbing one of his eyes in the process.

Read his narration below.

Kitu mbaya ilifanyika ni eti niliingia kwa genge haramu kazi yetu ilikuwa kuiba na kupora wetu. I don’t like this story but ni kitu ya ku inspire wengine, na nili ifanya for like three years na watu wengi tulikuwa nao waliaga. 

Kuna wenye walishikwa kuna wenye walipigwa risasi na kuna wenye walichomwa. Hizi zote zilikuwa zinafanyikia marafiki wangu na sikuwa naona kama ni kitu kubwa lakini nilivyoshikwa ndio nilijua.

Yangu ilikuwa ni kitu ndogo sana tulikuwa tumepanga vile tutaiba kwa matatu so tulikuwa kamawatu watano ivi, kumbe ma boys tulikuwa nao walikuwa wame change plan. Mimi nilikuwa nishachukua kiti ya nyuma so those days hakukuwa na simu ya mkono na mpango ilikuwa venye mmepanga ndio mta stick nayo.

‘Welcome my son! I believe u r a Fisher of men,’ Daddy Owen delights as wife Farida gives birth

So eventually hapo katikati kumbe jamaa waligundua kwa hiyo gari kuna polisi na wakatoka hawakuniambia. Venye mimi nilianza mpango nikajipata niko pekee yangu, raiya wakanishika, wakanipiga, wakanitoboa jicho.

Eventually, ilikuwa kitu ngumu sana unajua at that time kwako unaona sio kitu kubwa hadi time nilikuwa hospitali na hakuna mtu alikuja, hao mabeste wangu wenye nilikuwa na fight so hard wanikubali. Venye hawakukuja hapo ndio nilijua maisha yangu nafaa kubadilisha.