Boni Khalwale roasted for calling on fifa to ban Lukaku and Batshuayi from playing for Belgium

As the World Cup fever intensifies across the world, seems like our very own politicians also have been sparing some time to catch some of the mouth watering matches, one of them being Boni Khalwale.

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The former senator for Kakamega found himself in hot soup when he called on FIFA (world football governing body) to change rules so that only players who are citizens by birth can represent their countries at the World Cup.

This came shortly after the Belgium vs Tunisia match on Saturday which saw the latter ship in 5 goals to 2.

In his tweet, the former legislator made a bold but hilarious claim stating that European countries at the World Cup are using African players to beat African teams! attaching photos of French forward, Kylian Mbappe and Belgium hot shots, Romelu Lukaku and Mitchy Batshuayi, players who have so far impressed.

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His tweet read, Bang! Belgium v Tunisia 5-2! European countries (Belgium, France etc) are using African players to beat African teams! FIFA must change the rules such that only players who are citizens by birth can play for their countries at the World Cup!

However, what mheshimiwa Khalwale forgot is the fact that those players were actually born and bred in their respective countries!

His observation and suggestion however irritated a number of Kenyans on twitter who took sometime to school him. Kwa kweli World Cup sio ya kila mtu!

Read some of the reactions below.

Fishtear: Boni is one of the most brilliant legislators but he thinks like this. This is why Africa can never go ahead. Instead of thinking how we can develop our own leagues and players so they don’t move, we are thinking of how to change the rules to support mediocrity. Curse of Ham.

Lien: Lukaku and Batshuayi are both Belgian citizens by birth though? They were born in the Belgian cities Antwerp and Brussels, so I do not really get what you are trying to get across here?

Omar: This is absurd. Do you want to take the tribalism that bedevilled our country to international football? Those players are already citizens by birth. Tribalist at home, racist abroad!

Christopher Kasema: Won’t that be a disadvantage to the players? African governments don’t support their players look at what is happening to our good rugby players? I’m sure they would rather migrate and play for other countries where they are sure their talent is appreciated.

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