Winnie Odinga with her father

Boni Khalwale trolled by Winnie Odinga after joining Jubilee

Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga, attacked Boni Khalwale after he ditched his party. The outspoken Winnie used her Twitter page to voice her opinion about the move.

Winnie insinuated that the soft-spoken senator was having a hard time following the move labeling him a ‘scamdaddy.’

She further opined that with the departure of the former Kakamega senator, who also served as the deputy party leader of Ford-Kenya, the party was basically dead, saying,

I’m afraid the lion my grandfather birthed has finally rested.

Some reactions to her comment are below,

junior_ogako: Your grandfather must also in pain to learn that his Son also chose an orange over the lion he left alive and kicking
Mutichilo Mike: Can’t judge @KBonimtetezi at least he got guts to say it openly unlike your dad!. He is walking the talk!.
Kadimah arthur: wasn’t raila the first to defect?
Dan Ondik: Jaber economy tek, he Khalwale had to look for where he can have breakfast in the morning. It’s sad but the old man had no option with the many wives he has to feed all over the places.

Khalwale made his departure announcement while he was hosting the Deputy President at his home in Malinya, Kakamega County on Friday.

“I will not be ashamed to find space for the Luhya people in the next government,” stated the politician.

In his reaction of the news, Wetangula stated that he respected Khalwale’s party choice revealing that he wished him nothing but success.

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