Bungoma’s richest politician in funeral drama with mourners

Confusion reigned at Mufungu village in Sirisia on Saturday when some mourners attempted to block Bungoma politician Moses Nandalwe from attending a funeral.

Trouble started when “Mr Money Bags” arrived for the funeral of three children of AC Butonge Secondary School principal Vincent Wekesa.

Supporters of Sirisia MP John Waluke tried to prevent Nandalwa from accessing the funeral venue.

‘Mr Money Bags’ contested the Sirisia seat in 2017 on the ODM ticket and lost to Waluke of Jubilee.

Nandalwe, who arrived with his supporters shortly before the service, forced his way through.

During the commotion, ‘Mr Money Bags’ was hit on the face and got bruised.

His fly whisk and walking stick were snatched and broken.

The chaos happened as Waluke watched a few meters away.

Sirisia MP John Waluke and politician Moses Nandalwe at the funeral, Saturday, January 5, 2019. /BRIAN OJAMAA

Administration Police officers intervened and calmed the situation.

‘Mr Money Bags’ was allowed to seat but he did not speak amid requests from mourners for him to address them.

Only elected leaders were allowed to speak. They condemned the incident.

Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga, Bungoma Woman Representative Catherine Wambilianga, Bungoma administration CEC Keya Sabwami, former Kwanza MP Noah Wekesa and two MCAs were present.

Wekesa’s son and two daughters died in a fatal road crash in Makutano along the Kanduyi-Chwele road on December 24.

The three were riding on a motorbike from Bungoma town. They were heading home after shopping for Christmas when they were killed.

Photo Credits: brian ojamaa

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