“Wakati niliitwa State House ndio nilijua kukalia kiti ya president sio mchezo” – Bahati

Msanii wa nyimbo za injili Bahati alieleza jinsi alijipata matatani mwaka uliopita wakati alipomuamsha rais Uhuru Kenyatta na kukalia kiti chake.

Hilo lilitokea wakati wa kampeini za uchaguzi katika uga wa Kasarani alipokuwa akiwatumbuiza zaidi ya wakenya elfu sitini.

Wengi walimkashifu Bahati kwa tendo hilo huku wengine wakisema iliashiria kuwa amepindua serikali na yeye ndiye rais, hata kama aliketi kwa sekunde kadhaa.

‘Nili double tap naye akani like,’ Diana Marua afichua alivyomtongoza Bahati

Wakenya waligawanyika kuhusu hilo na wengine walimtetea wakisema hakuwa na nia yoyote mbaya kwani alikuwa katika shughuli ya utumbuizaji.

Bahati kwa upande wake alieleza kuwa hakuona jambo kuu ila maoni ya watu ndio yalifanya ajue kuwa alikuwa amefanya jambo kuu.

Akizungumza na Massawe Japanni, mwimbaji huyo wa ‘Mama’ alisimulia jinsi alishtuka alipoitwa katika ikulu ya rais kufuatia tendo hilo.

Soma usimulizi wake.

By the way nimeona nikama naweza kuwa president some day. Actually nili realize nimekalia hiyo kiti after nimeona kwa news after the story ilianza kuwa big. The moment niliitwa hadi state house ndio nilijua this is serious.

The Kenyan president wanted to meet the ghetto president.

But I think pia ilikuwa a very big sign juu ilikuwa imeanza ku get out of hand and actually that is the best favor that the president ashawahi nifanyia, juu aliifanya ikakaa normal. Juu ilikuwa imeanza kuleta a lot of stories and negativity.

Ni kipi anaeza sema kuwa ni ufanisi mkuu maishani mwake tangia alipoanza usanii?

Of course sitting on the president’s seat and of course when I started my record label, EMB record label, that was a game changer for me because Kenyans hatujakuwa tuki believe in record labels and that is something that is killing the industry.

Tuna need kitu inaweza chukua young people from the streets huko chini watu wako na gifts na wawa support and when I started that, it was a fulfillment in my career and right now I am looking forward to filling Thika stadium on 31st December as EMB Jesus party.

Catholic priest shot dead, cash stolen in Kinoo

A Catholic priest was on Monday shot dead by thugs in Kinoo, Kiambu.

The attackers stole an unknown amount of money from the Father Samuel Muhia who was in charge of Kinoo parish.

Kiambu County Police Commander Andiel Nyange said a gang of four on two motorcycles obstructed the priest on a rough road.

He was forced to pull over and the thieves demanded a bag that was in the car.

Nyange said a gunman shot through the windscreen of the Toyota Harrier and a bullet hit the priest on the chest.

The police boss said the priest was taking Sunday’s offering to a bank in Kikuyu town.

“All the money he had in a bag was stolen. We don’t know the amount but we are investigating. The robbers stole the phone of an occupant in the Father’s car,” he said.

Eyewitness James Waweru said the thugs opened the car, removed a bag and took a mobile phone of his passenger before feeing.

Mason who was building a house next to the scene, said they were attracted by the noise coming from the scene

Another eyewitness Kariuki Njoka said he was driving when he heard a gunshot. He saw two motorcycles moving very fast towards him.

“When they passed, I saw people running at a car which was in the middle of the road. We realised it was a priest. We removed him and rushed him to Kikuyu hospital but he was no more,” Njoka said.

Nyanje told churches, residents and business people to ask for police escort when they are taking money to the bank.

He said police patrol;s will be increased during the festive season.

Kagwe Mungai to launch his own shoe line

Kagwe Mungai who has recently gotten into partnership with Ciroc  revealed that he will be launching his album. He stated that the partnership is more of a collaboration and that he is not the brand ambassador.


It was stated that the partnership is evolving and at the moment will last for a couple of months. He is also getting involved in the merchandise industry where he will have his own kicks whose estimated price might be Ksh 8,000 but they are still to give a fixed price.


One will be able to have their own desired design made, since a website will be available where someone can choose their own design and also shoe size .


He will be performing in one of the biggest concerts in the world in Houston, Texas.

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Four British girls and their teacher are sexually assaulted at gunpoint during school trip to Ghana

Four British schoolgirls and their teacher were held at gunpoint as they were sexually assaulted, with their assailant shooting their security in Ghana.

The victims – aged 16 and 17 – were staying at walled guesthouses as part of a group of ten on a charity mission to the capital, Accra.

The attacker used his rifle to shoot and wound the security guard at the hostel after he tried to intervene.

According to the Sun, the teens and their school teacher were flown home on Sunday and were treated at a British hospital after the ordeal on Saturday night.

The pupils were paying £1,200 each to take part in their school’s partnership with a West African charity.

They had travelled there to have an ‘opportunity to experience life in a developing country,’ the newspaper said.

The accommodation was close to the beach and the teens were staying in rooms of up to six at the site, where there was also a caretaker and security team.

The Foreign Office confirmed the ‘incident’ in the greater Accra area and said it was working with local authorities, The Sun reported.

Around 90,000 Britons travel to Ghana every year and the Foreign Office advises that violent crime is a possibility, particularity at Christmas time.


‘Words alone can’t express how shocked I am,’ – Willy Paul mourns passing on of his dancer

Gospel superstar Willy Paul is mourning the untimely death of one of his dancers identified as Val Smilley Aura.

Val Smilley Aura
Val Smilley Aura, Willy Paul’s late dancer

Val was a multi-talented dancer, who featured in the Sikireti’s music videos, her last appearance was in  Willy Paul’s song ft Alaine, titled I Do.

Val was involved in a grisly road accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

According to sources, the dancer was going back home after attending a gig in Nakuru county.

Willy Paul took to social media to share the bad news with his followers. His emotional message read;


The dancer is well known and many have eulogized her as a kind, humble and talented, bubbly young soul whose life was cut short.

Below are some of the  messages of condolences from Kenyans;

Lizkamso: RIP Val. She was a good friend. I still remember the way you laughed mama. Dance with the angels dear.

Maurice Derick: It’s so sad. May her soul rest in peace. She always inspired me with her dancing. I send my condolences to her family as her fun number one.

Viv Arege: RIP Val Smilley. One awesome dancer. May her soul rest in eternal peace till we meet again sweetheart.

Bett Bicon: Val, you’ve left a gap that no one can ever fill. May your soul rest in eternal peace till we meet again.

Zuena: RIP Val. Will miss you dearly. Who will I laugh with and crack jokes with?

Clockwise: She just danced to my new song Nishike just the other day. Now she’s gone just like that. I can’t believe

Irene: Woiye so painful. RIP

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Josay Flamer: This is a great loss to the family

Paris Rimanto: My condolences

Ngong finest: RIP my dance mate. I still can’t believe it! We were to do a project and now she is no more

Below is the video of the dancer (blue hair) dancing to Willy’s latest song

Teach nursery school kids in Kimeru, Kiraitu Murungi tells ECDE teachers

Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi has challenged ECDE teachers in the county that a good number of young children in the county do not know Kimeru language as they are not taught in nursery schools.

He said children in ECDE should be taught basic Kimeru language to be able to have roots and be able to relate with grandparents, parents and villages where they come from.

He said they will partner with Kenya Literature Bureau to do a book on basic Kimeru for nursery school kids.

“There are many stories like Kamankura, Kiundu and the feast, how Meru originated from Mboa which are basic Kimeru stories but our children do not know and can’t relate to them. They only know about about other people’s culture which they see on television,” Kiraitu said.

Governor Kiraitu Murungi said teachers in the county should be the foundation of education and should be taken seriously.

“for very many years ECDE was not recognized officially by government as an important component in structure of our education it was only recognized in 2010. Am so impressed that many teachers have now upgraded their education they now have diplomas and degrees but am urging them to have more education for instance you cannot teach ECDE class in America unless you have degree in child psychology,” Murungi said.

-Dennis Dibondo


African countries with the highest population

Having a high population at times becomes difficult for a government if the budget is not well planned. This is because with an increase in population, a lot of commodities and public sectors have to be enhanced in order to be able to deal with the increase in population.

Failure to do so may result to increase in crime rates, unemployment, increase in poverty and poor health care.

Certain countries in Africa have managed to do well even though their population is high.

  1. Nigeria 


The west African nation which has the largest economy in Africa has the highest population.n Its total population is 195,875,237 .



Ethiopia which recently elected its first female president is the second most populated country in Africa.It has a total population of 107,534,882.



Egypt which has one of the biggest economies in Africa is also one of the most populated. It has a total number of 99,375,741 people.

4.DR Congo


Being one of the largest countries in Africa which is full of so many  resources. Congo has a total number of 84,004,989.



The East African nation has also had its population increase over the years. It has a current population of 59,091,392 people.

6.South Africa


One of the most developed or rather the most developed country in Africa is also one of the most populated. It has struggled over the years with the high rates of HIV/AIDS but it doesn’t seem to have caused any decrease in its population.



Being one of the fastest economies in Africa, Kenya has had a growth in its population since its last census. It has a total of 50,950,879 people.

PATANISHO: Mke wangu huleta wanaume nikiondoka

Bwana Joseph alituma ujumbe akiomba apatanishwe na mkewe ambaye walikosana baada ya uchaguzi wa pili, tarehe 26, Oktoba.

PATANISHO: Bibi yangu alinifumania na mpango wa kando


“Nilikuwa nimesimamia uchaguzi wa kwanza, kuna mwanadada alinipigia simu kutoka Nairobi akisema kuna kazi lakini ni kama tapeli. Sasa nikasafiri hadi Nairobi lakini IEBC walinitumia ujumbe na ikabidi nirudi kusmamia uchaguzi wa pili. Sasa nikaona nitafika nyumbani mapema nikasimama Nakuru ku watch ball na nikafika nyumbani kitu saa mbili.” Alieleza Joseph.

Wakati nilifika kwa nyumba mke wangu alinishika mkono na kunipeleka nje ya gate akisema kuwa kuna kesi iko kwa chifu na anataka niende nikasuluhishe. Nikalalamika kuwa ni usiku sana na nimechoka, nikakasirika na nikamzaba kofi.

Alikasirika akakimbia na kujifungia kwa nyumba. Sasa jirani yangu akaniambia hatafungua kwani kuna mwanaume amekuwa akiletwa kwangu kila nikitoka. Ndugu zake walimjaribu lakini hakufungua.

Baada ya kwenda training ya IEBC siku iliyofuata nikapata wameondoka na ilibidi nimerudi Nakuru.

PATANISHO: Nilifisia mwanamke mwingine bibi akaniacha

Tangia siku hiyo hajawahi muona mkewe lakini huwa wanazungumza kuhusu mambo ya karo ya wanao wawili.

Alipopigiwa simu bi Anne alisema kuwa mumewe anafaa kumtafuta ila sio kumpigia simu kupitia redio.

Hata hivyo, bi Anne alisema ako tayari kurudiana na bwana Joseph akisema amekuwa akingoja hilo.

Pata uhondo kamili.

Police looking for a matatu crew that attacked and injured an officer

Police are looking for a matatu crew that attacked and injured a police officer in a scuffle along Mbagathi Road, Nairobi. The crew escaped and abandoned the matatu at the Highridge bus stop after the incident. Police say a hunt on the men is ongoing.

It is not clear what prompted the incident but officers are investigating. The injured officer was treated and discharged from a local hospital.

Meanwhile, police are looking for the mother of a foetus that was found dumped at a garbage collection site in Komarocks area, Nairobi. The foetus was discovered by locals who were dumping garbage at the site.

Police say they are investigating the incident. Such cases are common in urban areas despite campaigns to discourage them.

Top NHIF, Kenya pipeline company bosses expected in court today

Top managers for National Hospital Insurance Fund and Kenya Pipeline Company are expected to face various charges in court this morning.

More managers who had not surrendered to police have done so this morning increasing to almost 20 those from NHIF and five from KPC.

In the NHIF case, 21 suspects are expected to take plea over allegations that Sh1billion was lost through the Jambo Pay service.

The suspects are to answer to seven charges related to deception, fraud and abuse of office.

They will also face charges of engaging in a project without prior planning, willful failure to comply with the law relating to procurement and abuse of office.

They are also accused of willful failure to comply with the law relating to management of public funds, false accounting by a public officer, deceiving a principal and fraudulent acquisition of public property.

The officials include CEO Geoffrey Mwangi, former CEO Simeon Kirgotty, Ruth Sidoi (acting corporate secretary), Mudzo Ndzili (NHIF board member) and Danson Muchemi and his M/S Webtribe Limited. The NHIF group was held at the Gigiri police cells.

Those arrested over KPC issue included Managing Director Joe Sang, Gloria Khafafa (company secretary) and Vincent Cheruyot (General Manager, Supply Chain) while Billy Aseka and Nicholas Gitobu while Samuel Odoyo is yet to surrender.

They would take plea for abuse of office, willful failure to comply with applicable procedures and law and engaging in a project without prior planning. They were being held at the Muthaiga police cells.

Detectives say KPC officials inflated the price of a petroleum jetty to Sh2 billion without plans on its usage, making taxpayers pay for what is now a white elephant project sitting on Lake Victoria.

-Cyrus Ombati