Kenyan celebrities that would make look great together

Our celebrities tend to be very public about their lives, including their relationships, so we get to see their love lives through social media when they start dating and when they end it.

We find ourselves invested in their relationships as well and end up matching them with other celebrities during conversations with friends.

There are number of Kenyan celebrities that would actually look great together, ones who have an undeniable chemistry and bond.

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities that would make a good match.

‘I was very dusty! Actress Naliaka reveals how she met her hubby

Willy Paul and Nandy 

Image result for willy paul and nandy njiwa

The two have a natural chemistry even while in studio and this is reflected in every projects they have worked together.

They sing well together so they might as well be together.

Dj Mo and Grace Ekirapa

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The duo would make a great couple due to their chemistry at work and their body language speaks volumes.

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

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While the two used to anchor NTV news together back in the day, their bond and charisma won so many young hearts. They would naturally compliment each other even without trying.

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrow

Image result for denis okari and burrows

The body language is definitely undeniable.The on air chemistry is so tense they should consider dating.

‘He was a bubbly gentleman’ Kirinyiga MP Purity Ngirici mourns nephew killed in Arusha

Betty Kyalo and Jalang’o

Image result for betty kyalo and jalango

The good friends sometimes give a chemistry vibe that makes you second guess if it’s just friendship among them.


‘I was very dusty! Actress Naliaka reveals how she met her hubby

Actress, Daisy Netia, popularly known as Naliaka has opened up about her journey in marriage adding that she has no regrets about taking so long to date her husband Justus.

The couple who have been married for almost three years have been blessed with a son who is 1 and a half years old.

Speaking during an interview heard by, Naliaka’s hubby Justus Netia says that he waited for five years. So frustrated was he that he deleted her number at some point.

Naliaka says

We first met in 2010.

He noticed me first,When I first saw him I did not feel anything because  e were going on a work trip.

I had boarded a boda boda and I was very dusty so I did not think that anyone would notice me.

Daisy Netia with her hubby Justus NetiaDaisy Netia with her hubby Justus Netia

However he took photos of me but he took 1 year two months before he gave them to me.

I took long before dating him because I wanted a relationship that would lead to marriage.

I am happy being with him, I am glad I waited.

Mr Netia adds that him taking long to give her the photos was only a ploy to get closer to her.

It was really hard to get her so me having her photos gave me a chance because she kept asking for them.

At some point I had actually given up but things worked out along the way.

She was beautiful and I wanted us to be friends but it was an uphill task winning her over.

In 2013 I actually deleted her number from my phone but I still knew it by heart.

Daisy Netia alias NaliakaDaisy Netia alias Naliaka

I then got a job in Nigeria and that’s when I called her and informed her that I was relocating.

That was in March 2015.

I told her my intentions but she told me to go for the job as planned promising me that we would talk later.

We started talking on the phone, skype and whatsapp and she said yes to me and here we are years later.

When she told me that she loved me I was so happy. However after 1 day she sent me a text saying that the relationship wouldn’t work.

I did not work that day It was not easy taking in her rejection.

Naliaka adds that she was afraid because of what people say about media guys.

I wanted to be sure that he was the right person for me.

I was scared about dating someone who works in the media because I had seen how some people treat women. His love for God won my heart.

I asked God to give me a man who fears him and he was the one.

PATANISHO: Mimi ndio hupigwa katika ndoa ya wake watatu

Taiti, 35, alituma ujumbe akiomba apatanishwe na mumewe bwana Ernest, akidai kuwa wawili hao wanashinda wakikosana kila wakati akidai kuwa amefika mwisho na hajui la kufanya.

PATANISHO: Mke wangu hunidanganya kuwa mpango wa kando ni cousin yake

“Tulikosana Alhamisi wiki iliyopita kwani alienda kunywa pombe na wazee wenzake na akarudi na makelele, akanipiga karibu anichome na stove na hapo nikaondoka na kwenda nyumbani.” Alisimulia akisema kuwa mumewe ana wake watatu.

Stima ilikuwa imepotea na nikaondoka kwenda kununua mafuta ya taa, kurudi nikampata amesimama kwa mlango na kumuuliza mbona hajavalia nguo, akadai namuongelesha vibaya.

Patanisho: Jombi aapa kutopiga bibi yake

Hapo alichukua stove na kutupa na ikabaki nikizima moto.” Aliongeza akisema kuwa licha ya hayo yote bado anampenda na angependa kumrudia.

Isitshe Taiti alificchua kuwa mumewe huwa hapigi wake wengine ila yeye.

Bwana Ernest alisema kuwa wawili hao wanakosana tu kwa mambo ya ulevi na kuwa wawili hao ni walevi.

“Tulipokosana tulikuwa walevi pamoja na tulikuwa tunapiga story nikimwambia kuwa nitaongeza mke wa nne. Hapo akakasirika kwani hakujua ni mchezo.” Alijitetea.

PATANISHO: Ukibadilika nitajua tu kwani CCTV Ni mob

‘I have built my resting place,’ Oliech shows off multi million Kisumu mansion

It’s every footballer’s dream to at least have a dream house where he will retire once his career is over and for Dennis Oliech, he is already living the dream.

Another win! Dennis Oliech reveals opening of new Mama Oliech joint (VIDEO)

Over the Easter period, the Gor Mahia striker showed off his multi million mansion which he built in Kisumu.

Posting a video of his mansion, Oliech who dubbed the home as his ‘resting place’ captioned; Kisumu now I can rest have done my part to build my resting place.

The huge home boasts a huge living area fitted with state of the art leather seats, a spacious dining area, a couple of bedrooms, a store room and a balcony overlooking his backyard.

‘Happy father’: Dennis Oliech shares photo of new born baby

This great news comes just days after Oliech opened a new Mama Oliech joint in Westlands, extending his late mom’s food business as upholding her legacy.

His fans could not help but shower him with congratulatory messages.

lawrencewahn: Hapo sawa the menace..

village_boyfriend : Congratulations legend

elvis_jatelo: You have done the right thing, Congratulations

duncan_ateng: Wuod Mary enkamano

pamarah: hongera bro shukuru mungu kwa yote amen atleast dala iko kitu sasa angalia mambo mengine familia watoto maisha mazuri🙏🙏🙏

Check out the video below.

‘He was a bubbly gentleman’ Kirinyiga MP Purity Ngirici mourns nephew killed in Arusha

Kirinyaga women representative, Purity Ngirici is mourning the death of his dear nephew Robin Kiambuthi.

Kiambuthi was among the four Kenyans killed in a car racing accident in in Oldonyosambu area, Arusha during the Easter holidays.

From Verona to Venice! Check out how Massawe Japanni is slaying in Italy

In her Instagram post, mourned Kiambuthi as a young man of virtue and a ‘sociable bubbly gentleman who like any other young person had great dreams for his future. ‘

She wrote:

The cruel hand of death has snatched my beloved Nephew Robin who perished from the Arusha Namanga accident. 
Robin was a Young man of virtue . I recall with nostalgia his passion for everything his mind set to do. He was a sociable bubbly gentleman who like any other young person had great dreams for his future. 
Rest in eternal peace my dear nephew. You will be fondly missed.

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The bodies of Kiambuthi and other three Kenyans have been to Kenya for funeral arrangements.

May they rest in eternal peace.



From Verona to Venice! Check out how Massawe Japanni is slaying in Italy

Bustani la Massawe presenter, Massawe Japanni has been away on leave for almost two weeks now.

The gorgeous and ever bubbly presenter flew her daughters to Italy for a mini holiday and, she has been keeping her loyal fans updated with her daily expeditions with a million pictures on Instagram.

Sababu Massawe Japanni hatokuwa hewani kwa mda

Massawe has been exploring and enjoying the diverse Italian culture with her three kids. From the food, transport system, historical buildings to the amazing amusement parks, the Japanni’s have so far enjoyed it all.

The mother of three who enjoyed Easter holidays at Aquardens – The largest Italian Thermal Park, is expected to return on air pretty soon with her die hard fans already asking for her return date.

So let the queen of Swahili radio continue unwinding!

Check out how the four angels have been slaying and turning heads in Italy.

‘Safiri salama dadangu’ Massawe Japanni mourns her best friend

massawe japanni italy massawe japanni verona

massawe italy massawe japanni and her daughters massawe japanni romeo and juliet massawe japanni verona Italy massawe verona

Video of the day: Massawe Japanni’s dancing skills are top notch!


Be inspired: Your favorite celebrity mama pregnancy photos


Baby bumps are now celebrated in unique ways by modern moms lately, unlike the olden days where they were concealed and concealed from the public.

The baby photo shoots have become very popular and the ladies are getting unique on how they do them every other day.

Let’s take a look at some of the female celebrities that took their baby bump photo shoots to another level.

Janet Mbugua

Image result for janet mbugua baby photoshoot

The expectant mother slayed her photo shoot fiercely by rocking a sheer dress, glowing filled with joy and  happiness.

Awinja Nyamwalo

Image result for awinja nyamwalo baby shoot

The actress decided to do an in door photo shoot looking glammed up and chic.

Size 8

Related image

The singer decided to do an out door photo shoot where she had a bright pink “leso”. She looks vibrant and very happy.

Reedah Yvonne

Image result for reedah yvonne

The former Nairobi Diaries member took her photo shoot to the beach where she got good photos taken while enjoying the sun and the beach.

Lillian Muli

Related image

The news anchor also took it to the beach,a break from the city as well, enjoying the pool and sun.

Women open up about being fat shamed by their own husbands

Women reveal how they have been fat shamed by their own husbands and boyfriends in shocking online confessions. 

Writing on anonymous app Whisper, women from around the world spoke candidly about being bullied, mocked and ridiculed over their size at home. 

One woman told how she receives praise from her boyfriend whenever she limits her food intake despite previously suffering from anorexia.

Another whose partner claims to have a fetish for fat ladies revealed she has been judged over her size despite not being overweight.

Many others confessed their lovers started making comments about their body after having children and during pregnancy.

Whisper users from around the world spoke candidly about their experiences of being fat shamed by their partner, including one woman whose husband encourages her to eat only once a day despite having a history of struggling with an eating disorder

A woman whose boyfriend claimed to have a fetish for fat girls, revealed he had started fat shaming her although she isn't overweight

One woman says her husband begun commenting on her body after it changed with the birth of their two children

Another individual revealed her husband forces her to weigh herself in front of him and accompanies her to every GP visit

One woman who confessed she feels insecure about her weight, says her husband fat shames her despite efforts to eat healthy and exercise

Another individual revealed she struggles to be confident when exercising due to the unwelcome comments her boyfriend makes about her body

A woman who says her husband fat shames her while she's pregnant, longed to have a husband who compliments her body and doesn't criticise her eating habits

A size 18 woman told how her boyfriend makes negative comments about the bodies of others as well as her

One person revealed her husband fat shames her, despite being bigger than she is

Another woman claimed her boyfriend says he only likes skinny girls, when ever he thinks she's eaten too much

A woman who says she hates herself, told how her boyfriend takes the opportunity to fat shame her when he's drunk


My Ex left me with a scarred face after dumping her – Confesses Kenyan man

Have you ever found yourself entangled in a tricky and relatively violent situation with your ex lover? If so how did you deal with it?

In what is becoming a worrying trend, some lovers don’t take no for an answer while some don’t really know how to deal with rejection.

According to one Kenyan man going by the name, Ochi, he was left with a scarred face, a mark he’ll leave with forever after dumping his violent ex.

‘Nilivuta bangi nikamtandika bwanangu,’ Kenyan woman confesses

Ochi narrates how he ended his relationship after he came to learn of some stuff her ex had been hiding since the two started dating, but little did he know things would get worse.

His ex-girlfriend traced him to a worship gathering and pulled him by his tie while holding a huge stone on the other hand, which she used to hit his head.

To make matters worse, Ochi’s ex -girlfriend poured cold water on him and his mattresses, embarrassing him in front of his neighbors.

Embu men sleeping under matrimonial beds – MP confesses

Read his confession below.

Nilikuwa kwa uhusiano kwa mwaka mmoja lakini kuna vitu alinificha na nikagundua baadaye na nikamwambie hatuwezi endelea na uhusiano, lakini alikataa.

Sasa kuna siku nilikuwa kwa crusade karibu na mtaani na unajua jinsi crusade ina watu wengi na pia ni mahali najulikana.

Alikuja na akanishika tai huku mkono mwingine akiwa amebeba mawe ambayo alinigonga nayo usoni kwani hakutaka kuwachwa.

Niliona aibu lakini sikufanya lolote kwani siamini mambo ya kupiga mwanamke na nilipomwambia anirudishie funguo zangu alikataa.

Siku ifuatayo nilipotoka kazini nilipata amefungua mlango na akanimwagia maji hadi kwa mattress saitan! It is really painful.

Kuna watu ambao hawajui kukubali kitu ambacho hakiwezekani na aliniletea aibu kubwa sana kwa ploti, na ile alama bado ninayo kichwani kwani hadi nilishonwa.

‘I was made to breastfeed my husband’s snakes,’ Confesses Kenyan Woman

Shalom Hospital under investigation after patient was left to give birth on the floor

Government agencies are investigating a suspected case of negligence at Shalom Hospital in Athi River, Machakos County where a woman was left to give birth on the floor as nurses allegedly watched.

Top Health officials from the Machakos County Government were dispatched to the facility Monday morning to seek more information on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Officials from the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board and Nurses Union also visited the facility.

The incident was exposed over the Easter weekend in a video recorded by a man who had taken his wife to the hospital.

According to the man, a woman in labour was brought into the hospital on a wheelchair and three nurses who were at the facility were notified that it was an emergency case but the officials did not bother to attend to her.

Meanwhile, three bodies of the Kenyans who died in an accident in Arusha, Tanzania have been airlifted to Kenya for burial.

Four Kenyans were involved in the accident that happened in a race but three died. Police said one woman and two men including a nephew to Kirinyaga woman rep Purity Ngirici died in the accident.

The nephew has been identified as Robin Kiambuthi, 21. The other victims are yet to be identified but the families have been notified. The victims were involved in a road race when the cars were involved in a crash in Oldonyosambu area, Arusha.

Source: Cyrus Ombati