Drastic Transformation! Here Are Photos Of A Model Before And After Undergoing Cancer Treatment

A child model fronted campaigns for Clarks and Monsoon just months before being diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer.

Daisy O’Leary Pye, 12, from Lee, south-east London, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, shortly after shooting billboard and television ads representing the famous brands.

Daisy model11
While modelling, the schoolgirl unknowingly suffered with a 16cm, grapefruit-sized tumour in her chest that was pressing on her lungs and heart, and hindering her breathing.

After enduring gruelling chemotherapy that saw her lose two stone and all her hair, the youngster is finally in remission but must still undergo further treatment to prevent the cancer returning.

Daisy O'Leary

Daisy’s mother Jules Pye, who works at a production company, said: ‘It was the news we were waiting for. She is truly courageous and I will be with her all the way.’

Ms Pye said: ‘After a year-long battle this is the news we’ve been waiting for. The hardest thing for her was losing her hair, but she has been so, so brave. I’m very proud of her.’

Ms Pye first became aware her daughter was ill when they returned from a summer holiday in Ibiza.

Daisy O'Leary

She said: ‘We’d been on holiday in August 2016 and by September that year, her condition had deteriorated.

‘She was always so active and loved dancing, but I didn’t know that she’d been sitting out of the warm ups to her class. She then started complaining about something pressing in her throat. She had trouble lying flat at night and couldn’t stop coughing when she lay down. ‘

Daisy O'Leary

Ms Pye and Daisy’s father Jimmy O’Leary, 53, who are separated, repeatedly took her to the GP before a diagnosis was eventually made.

Here are her photos as she undergoes chemotherapy.

Daisy O'Leary  Daisy O'Leary  Daisy O'Leary  Daisy O'Leary  Daisy O'Leary


‘Psycho’ mum send salacious pictures of her married lover to his wife and children after he dumped her

A ‘psycho b****’ mum sent naked pictures of her married lover to his wife and kids when he dumped her – then demanded £6,000 to take them off social media.

Laura Arnold, 37, had an affair with her married lover for over a year before subjecting him to a ‘despicable’ barrage of embarrassment after he tried to break off their relationship.

Arnold, a then-married mother-of-four from Feltham, west London, shared screenshots of her messages with the man as well as nude photos of him showering with the caption ‘lying, cheating c***’.

She posted them on Twitter and Facebook and messaged them to the man’s adult children and wife, claiming ‘good p**** always comes with a psycho b**** attached to it’.

The next day Arnold demanded £6,000 in ‘silence money’ to take down the photos with a message that read ‘peace is costly but it is worth the expense’.

Darren Watts, prosecuting, said: ‘The background to this matter is from February 2016 the complainant started a relationship with the defendant.

psycho mum1

‘This was a relationship where both parties were having an affair, both were married at the time.

‘During the start of that relationship they were sending each other explicit photographs.

‘On 22 July this year the complainant was with his friends when he received messages from his wife. She told him she had been sent messages from the defendant.

‘The messages were screen shots and included images of the complainant in the shower holding his genitals as well as a long message informing the complainant’s wife about the relationship.

‘One of the photos, which was a naked photo, had an emoji placed over his genitals.

‘The complainant’s wife also informed the complainant that his adult children had also been sent the messages and photos of their father.

‘On 23 July a work colleague said he had seen a Facebook message which included an image of the complainant naked in the shower with the words “lying cheating c***” with “oops” written over his genitals.

‘The complainant’s wife was able to deactivate the Facebook account and the complainant did not see the content which was posted on Facebook.

‘On Twitter she posted a photograph of him naked in the shower again with the words “lying cheating c***” with “oops”.

‘The defendant posted an image saying “enough is enough” adding “what or how much do you want this to end?” She followed it with a tweet saying “silence money”.

‘The complainant said he did not want any more images to be shown and she explained that the only way he could stop it was to ask how much money she would want to take it all down.

‘The defendant replied I do not know, let me ask your wife what she thinks. She then sent a message to the complainant’s wife saying, “It seems your husband is trying to silence me”.

‘She said, “Good p**** always comes with a psycho b**** attached to it”.’

psycho mum

The prosecutor added that Arnold demanded £6,000 and said: ‘Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.’

‘The complainant did not pay any money and did not intend to pay any money,’ the prosecutor said.

Arnold admitted one charge of disclosing a private sexual photograph without consent with the intention of causing that individual distress.

The mum, who is on benefits, was sentenced at Uxbridge Magistrates Court and handed a 26 week sentence suspended for 18 months along with a two-year restraining order not to contact her victim or his family.

She was also ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

Kiroulus Abadir, mitigating, claimed Arnold did not deserve to go to prison because she had censored the image with an emoji.

He said: ‘Ms Arnold has admitted this offence however whilst a sexual image has been disclosed to a variety of sources Ms Arnold did censor that image, on a sliding scale I would submit that this is on the lowest end.

‘Ms Arnold has expressed remorse. She is a mum of four and she is the only carer for those children.

‘The photo was to show they had been in a relationship for over a year and she thought the best way to express that was to show the photos and text messages.’

Judge French said: ‘This is a despicable offence. You set out to cause distress and embarrassment not only to your partner but also to his family, it is unforgivable.’


Photos Of The Day: Inside Jimmy Wanjigi’s House

Today has been an interesting day as Flying squad officers are currently raiding the Muthaiga home of business oligarch Jimmy Wanjigi.

They started by raiding his Malindi house.

Check details here

How The Rich Live: Here Are Photos Of The Malindi Mansion Believed To Be Jimmy Wanjigi’s That Was Raided By Police

Now, they are currently at his Muthaiga house. It is not clear what exactly prompted the raid.

Here are photos from inside the plush homestead.

Poleni Jo! Here Is Uhuru Kenyatta’s Apology

President Uhuru Kenyatta has apologised to residents of Laikipia for failing to show up for campaigns on Saturday.
Uhuru was expected to visit Nyahururu in Laikipia, after attending prayer at Subukia Shrines in Nakuru, but left without making the trip.

“I wish to start by apologising and seeking forgiveness because the other day we were to visit you but only reached Shamata (Nyandarua). Time ran out and we could not make it,” the President said on Sunday.

He said even though he and DP William Ruto were unable to visit the area, they decided to find time to address residents.
Uhuru thanked residents for voting for Jubilee on August 8 and asked them to come out in large numbers for the October 26 repeat poll.


Laikipia Governor Nderitu Mureithi disappointed residents by announcing that the President would not be coming.

“We want [Uhuru] to find time to come and apologise, and come early in the day. We want to see and listen to him,” a resident said.

But they maintained they will vote for Uhuru in the repeat election.

This week, Uhuru will take campaigns to 17 counties.

Monday: Garissa, Mwingi (Kitui county) and Machakos county.
Tuesday: Samburu, Nanyuki (Laikipia county) and Nakuru.
Wednesday: Kuria (Migori county), Kisii and Kericho.
Thursday: Kitale (Trans Nzoia county), Vihiga and Nandi counties.
Friday: Return to Nairobi for Mashujaa Day celebrations at Uhuru Park grounds and a luncheon at State House gardens.
Saturday: Mau (Narok county) and Kajiado.
Sunday: National prayer event.
Monday: Nairobi.

-The Star/Ndichu Wainaina

How The Rich Live: Here Are Photos Of The Malindi Mansion Believed To Be Jimmy Wanjigi’s That Was Raided By Police

Police recovered guns and hundreds of bullets when they raided a Malindi home suspected to belong to a well-known Nairobi businessman.

The businessman is known to be a billionaire and has been involved with politicians for years now.

A heavily armed multi-agency team arrived at the house early Monday morning with court orders to ransack it. They recovered five AK 47 guns with several rounds of ammunition.

It is understood police and intelligence agencies have been closely monitoring movement to and from the house and several other people both in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Police suspect the businessman has been working with several people to bring guns into the country using different entry points.

In a well-coordinated raid, another group of officers raided a house in Isiolo where they recovered an unknown number of guns and bullets.

Workers at the Malindi house said businessman Jimmy Wanjigi is their boss and documents found bear the name Kwacha Group of Companies, which is his.

One of the documents was work on a Generator that where the customer is listed as Kwacha Group of Companies (Malindi).

Wanjigi has been associated with NASA since the Supreme Court ordered repeat a presidential election but has not attended the Opposition coalition’s high profile events.

A search of one of the cars found in the compound shows that it is currently registered to Aldewright Consultants Limited.

The car is a black Porshe Cayenne registration number KBH 441Q.


Police say the house is owned by two Italians but are investigating to establish the suspect behind the firearms

The city businessman has lived a very quiet and sometimes mysterious life despite his business prowess.

Before May 6, 2016, the morning after controversial businessman Jacob Juma was shot dead, the only existing image of Wanjigi was one taken when he was 11 years old.

Two photographs were taken that day – the first proper image of the man in a decade was of him standing next to Opposition leader Raila Odinga, viewing Juma’s body at a mortuary.

For power watchers in Nairobi,  his presence meant Juma was dear to him. The only other time he was spotted in public was four years before when another one of his friends, Interior minister George Saitoti died in a chopper crash.

The event that had Wanjigi in the press in 2005 was one of happiness. In November that year, The Standard published a large full-color image of the man smiling broadly. He was sporting expensive ivory and gold-framed spectacles. The only other image of him taken that day was never published. It was at the wedding of the presidential press service director Isaiah Kabira.

The publication of three images of Wanjigi, taken around events that followed Juma’s death, fascinated those who, in Nairobi’s power circles, know the undercurrents on which the government runs.

For them, Jimmy ‘James Bond’ Wanjigi, is no ordinary man. He is perhaps the most powerful outside of the Kenyan government.

Known as James Bond to his friends and enemies, Wanjigi has a carefully culled and almost non-existent public profile. Yet the tentacles of his power reach across government agencies, and his hand has been behind some of the greatest deals in the last 15 years.

Check out photos of the mansion.

malindi mansion malindi mansion malindi mansion malindi mansion malindi mansion malindi mansion malindi mansion malindi mansion


-The Star

Patanisho: This Has To be The Funniest On-Air Reconciliation Fail Between Lovers

I have never heard someone laugh out loud for this long over a grave matter.

Today morning during the Radio Jambo segment dubbed Patanisho, Ghost Mulee could not hold back his laughter.

A man called John (29) called in requesting the hosts Gidi and Ghost to reconcile him with his wife of three years.

She left their home to attend her cousin’s burial and never returned.

He explained, “I called her and she said I should go visit her home in Chogoria. I went to Chogoria town and called her to come see me there.”

Before he could finish the narration, Ghost burst out laughing. Gidi had to instruct him to sit quietly in the corner.

John continued, “We did not meet. The next time I called her she said she is in North Eastern.”

So Gidi decides to call John’s ex, Sharon (21) and her ring-back tone make Ghost burst out in more fits of laughter.

Sharon moved to North Eastern to get away from John so that he can “forget me and move on”. Because she has had it with his drinking and being beaten up by him.

Listen to the whole saga as it unfolded in the morning…


Man left embarrassed on his knees at a mall as slay queen flees from proposal. See hilarious reactions to video

A Ugandan man was left with egg on his face when his girlfriend walked out on his proposal and started sprinting away from the scene.

The girlfriend is seen shaking her head after the man asks for her hand in marriage turns and runs away.

Watch the failed proposal below.

Here as some reactions to the video.

Patricia Hailey: A lady to say no means a lot of pain pain pain pain and pain she has been through pain pain and pain that she can’t stand pretend to people that everything is alright, men at times think 💭 this ring 💍 can clear up the mess na aaa . Thanks lady don’t settle for shit 💩💩

Kayongo Mimz: Men have failed to get it. Just because she sleeps with you doesn’t mean she wants to get married to you. Or even spend the rest of her life with you. So stop buying these rings copying other guys you see and go out propose before you know where you stand. Men, know your positions. Just as you can tell a certain girl is not marriage material, ladies can also tell when a man ain’t marriage material. You can move your waist and pull monkey moves in bed but no, you can’t be her husband. Sit your ass down and find yourself a woman who is meant for you.

Tomusange Charles: Hihi I recently had a discussion with a friend about this saga and told him Ugandan girls play so many guys at a time u may think she actually loves u kumbe she De for the wallet , like they ain’t like white chics, if a white chic just wants the D she just tells you straight up to avoid such scenes , kale my fellow Ugandan guys don’t , I repeat no one should embarrass himself again that akina buying a ring and getting on your knees , for what??? For Christ’s sake just tell them bitches u want or Nah actually as u bang her that last time

Eva Sandra Oketta: But some men have a problem.before u do that,make sure everything is in check.talk about the future n see wea her mind is at,tease her about having kids,ask her about her thoughts on marriage coz as u hint on all that,she will know which kind of man u are n will either give u a green light or disappear on her own.but if u think pulling those stunts is the ryt way then u r bound to more n more disappointments

Udoji Chikaodili Henrietta: I believe that for u to be dating a guy to the point that he considers popping the big question and then u say no n turn him down, two things are involved either u don’t love him as much as he tot u did, or he’s the SIDE NIGGA. 😂😂😂😂😂

Rashida Tyaba: Who tells you she is the last born of beautiful girls. Many more are still there and God has better for you. Why kneel for a slay king not even queen. Watch the waitress with the apron. I wonder which outlet this could be!! Next time don’t take a gal to Owino for a date!!!!

Sserugo Chard: 😂😂😂😂who told guys these moves apply on slay queens 😂😂😂😂😂u a serious she thinks of chopping ur money just kip it up next tym u will be slapped

Chuks Abraham: The Lord has just saved him a disaster that would have consumed him. She’s not yet done with those of us abroad. But why do guys go public with proposals? It’s madness if u ask me. Stupid boy.

Sebufu Baker: Oh very sorry brother but I want to give you a piece of advice money is everything get money you get every type of woman you want.

Mo Ze Shmx: Reason why u shouldn’t propose in a public place. In the shower maybe, that way u get embarrassed alone.

Lucky Chricent: Hehehehehehehehe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 every time they always tell you not propose in the public to avoid such incidences but now see my brother go and revise your mistakes.

Haula Viera: Oh God give my guy this sense that i need dat suprise so bad some one type amen for me pliz

Kikoz Shakiub: Atlst she said no than saying yes and later on move in for another person

Brian Banks Kazoora: Never kneel for a woman apart from making my daughter’s shoe laces

Peter Andrew Kaweesa: Better this than to pretend hiding the inner reality

Frank Mubiru: You make sure that you run for life tym, because I make sure that I hate even your shadow

Jojo Bats Nissi:
She would have pretended atleast to avoid ashaming the poor man

Oboi Esaru: I always tell guys never do this in public…. Avoid shame.

Anne Irabba: The waitress seemed more disappointed than the man. So sad

Wepukhulu Chris: He shud thank God he has survived a python, en he can focus his money else where.

Kajura Martin: ehh, guy lost appetite for food that nyt if not even whole week

Wod Luo Kikome: Serves him right. Leave some of those white things alone. Must U propose in public for it to be called a real marriage proposal? Do it in the dark in your bedroom bro.

‘Where is my husband?’ seven-month pregnant wife begs the police to tell her

Family members of a man alleged to have been arrested by Ngong police on September 2 wants to know his whereabouts.

Daniel Letuyia, 28, is alleged to have been picked by a known senior police officer at Ngong town on September 2; one day after the officers collected his photo from his home in the same town.

His seven-month pregnant wife, Evelyn Ochieng, told the Star on Monday that Letuyia, who owns a second-hand shoe kiosk in Ngong town, is a known personality and was reportedly seen being picked and locked in the boot of a car belonging to the senior officer.

Our efforts to reach out to Ngong OCPD, George Seda to confirm the details bore no fruits as his phone went unanswered the entire morning on Monday.

Even after sending Seda a detailed message and copying the same to Kajiado County police commander, Kipkemoi Rop, none of them responded.

Ochieng told the Star that on the day Letyia was arrested, he called her back to tell her he was being taken to Ngong police station in a car belonging to a Mr. Gambo.

“Moments later when I called my husband he said; “Hata nimeshikwa na Gambo ananiweka kwa hii gari yake ya white”. On calling him back again someone picked up and told me “mfwateni pangani,” said Ochieng on Monday.

She explained that before Letuyia was arrested, the police, led by Ngong deputy OCS, invaded their home on September 1 and picked her husband’s portrait photo from the wall.

“Our efforts to follow up the matter with the police has been unsuccessful, the Ngong OCS (Gambo) claims he was in Mombasa that night of the arrest, while the officer we found at the station on the night of arrest told us that the OCS had been on duty the whole night,” said Ochieng.

She claimed that there have been a number of cases of people missing in Ngong after they have been arrested, and later disappear for good.

On September 3, Ochieng with her mother in law, Peris Letuyia, went to Ngong Police station to make further inquiries about the arrest of her husband but officers told them to make a formal complaint for a missing person.

She gave the OB number as 25/3/9/2017, and that a week later they went to see the area OCPD Seda who handed them over to Ngong DCIO.

“The DCIO told us to go home and wait for his call. But up to date we have not received any information or call concerning the same,” added Ochieng.

-The Star/Kurgat Marindany

Nairobi billionaire’s Malindi home raided, guns and bullets found

Police recovered guns and hundreds of bullets when they raided a Malindi home suspected to belong to a well-known Nairobi businessman.
The businessman is known to be a billionaire and has been involved with politicians for years now.

A heavily armed multi-agency team arrived at the house early Monday morning with court orders to ransack it. They recovered five AK 47 guns with several rounds of ammunition.

It is understood police and intelligence agencies have been closely monitoring movement to and from the house and several other people both in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Police suspect the businessman has been working with several people to bring guns into the country using different entry points.

In a well-coordinated raid, another group of officers raided a house in Isiolo where they recovered an unknown number of guns and bulltes.

-The Star