Bodies of four men discovered inside a probox

The bodies of four middle-aged men were last night discovered locked inside a probox in Gitaru area, Kabete.

According to  a witness, the car had been parked in the area since Wednesday morning when a neighbor decided to peep inside and saw the bodies. The neighbor then alerted some boda boda operators who then called in police officers.

The bodies seem to have been strangled before they were put into the salon car and abandoned at the interchange.

When officers arrived there, they found two bodies in the boot and two others in the backseat. The identities of the men are yet to be known and witnesses say they seem to have been killed elsewhere and bodied dumped there. They were later removed and taken to the mortuary as a probe was launched.

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3 bar attendants flee after killing middle-aged reveler who failed to pay bill

A quarrel in a bar in Mai Mahiu Naivasha ended on a tragic note after a reveler died after a fight with bar attendants over a bill.

The three female attendants soon after the incident fled the town soon after the attack with the reveler dying a few hours after been admitted in a local facility.

Trouble started after the middle-aged man ventured into one of the bars in the trading center and started ordering drinks with the promise that he would pay.

A witness Patrick Kihara said that the reveler was well known in the bar adding that he entered the bar with his friends.

“He ordered drinks for his colleagues but when he was asked to pay he refused and a fight ensued between him and the bar attendants,” he said.

Kihara added during the fight one of the barmaids was seriously injured and sought the help of the others who overpowered the reveler and arrested him.

Security officers however noted that the man was bleeding from the head and decided to take him to a nearby health center where he was admitted.

“He was in hospital for over four hours but died hours later and the bar attendants got a whiff of this and fled from the town,” said Kihara.

A senior police officer confirmed this adding that they were seeking the trio to record a statement over the incident.






Hakuna mganga wa kumsaidia Kiraitu uchaguzini-Aburi

Hakuna mganga wa kumsaidia Kiraitu uchaguzini-Aburi

Mbunge wa  Tigania East  Mpuri Aburi  na seneta wa Meru  Kiraitu Murungi  wamekanusha  madai kwamba  watamtumia mganga  kuhakikisha kwamba  Kiraitu anashinda kiti cha ugavana katika uchaguzi wa mwaka huu .

Wakizungumza katika hafla tofauti wawili hao wamevishtumu vyombo vya habari kwa  kuongeza chumvi utani uliotolewa na  bwana James Mugambi Barongo al maarufu  ‘Kaana Ka Njoka’ aliyesema ana  nguvu za kiganga kumsaidia kiraitu kushinda kiti hicho .

Mugambi aliwatishia wale ambao hawatompigia kiraitu kura kwamba wataaga dunia. Lakini sasa wamejitenga na vitisho hivyo na kuviita ‘utani’ wa  ‘kuwachekesha  watu’ .


Mama Ajishindia ‘Ben ten’ Migori

Shughuli za kawaida  zilisitishwa  mtaani  Oruba mjini  Migori baada ya wakaazi wa mtaa huo kumpata  mwanamke mwenye umri wa miaka 51  akiishi na mvulana  mwenye umri wa miaka 17  kama mume wake .

Kakake mvulana huyo  Erick Ochieng  amesema amekuwa akimtafuta  nduguye kwa muda  akidhani kuwa amepatwa na ajali anapoendesha boda boda yake.

Alishangaa kujulishwa na wenyeji kwamba mvulana huyo alikuwa akiishi na mwanamke huyo katika nyumba yake . Wenyeji waliokuwa na ghadhabu walimpa kichapo   mama huyo lakini alinusuriwa nma polisi .

Policeman shots dead colleague, injures another before turning the gun on himself

A policeman shot dead his colleague, injured another one before he turned the gun on himself and died in an argument in Tasia area, Nairobi.

The three officers were together and had been in a bar before they argued and stepped out. Police say one of them pulled out a gun and shot the first colleague injuring him.

When the other one tried to intervene, he was shot and died instantly. It was then that officer turned the gun on himself and blew up his brains. The injured officer is in hospital in a stable condition. It is not clear what the officers were arguing over but a probe is ongoing.

Two more villagers were last night killed by Somali bandits in Mwingi in the ongoing fight over grazing pastures. This was after five camels had been slashed to death in ongoing tension over fields in the area. This increased to four, the number of people killed in the area since Monday night.

Tension remains high in the region after several houses were also burnt. Police have been ordered to drive away the Somali herders in the area as part of efforts to contain the violence. More officers have been sent to the area to contain the situation

As Mugabe Turns 93, Citizens May Be FORCED To Foot The Bill For His Party

Africa’s oldest president turned a year older today, celebrating his 93rd birthday. it is said that Mugabe could be spending up to $2million for the lavish event which translates to an estimated Ksh 207,200,000. This is amid complaints from Zimbabweans of the dire state of the country.

The opposition party has blasted the spending as a waste of money. Figures are rampant about the high level of unemployment in the country which is said to be as high as 90% of the population without formal jobs.

WOLOLO! Mugabe Will Die On October 17, 2017, Declares Zimbabwean Prophet

It has also apparently been reported in a local publication that citizens are being asked to donate funds and livestock as a show of appreciation to their president. A top firm has also been targeted to bankroll the event & the youth are also said to be targeting 10,000 school buses for transportation to the event.


During an interview, the aged leader spoke of his intentions to not stand down, and how his party – ZANU-PF- still wants him to run for the next elections.

As is tradition, his birthday cake usually weighs as much as his age, so in this case, there might be a whopping 93 kg cake.

Also, state media has reported that 100,000 guests are expected, and up to 150 cattle are said to be up for the slaughter.





Eldoret West OCPD Mutunga rushed to hospital after fainting at police station

Eldoret West OCPD Samwel Mutunga collapsed during a security meeting at the Eldoret police station after complaining that he had not been feeling well.

Doctors at the Mediheal Hospital where he was rushed to have however confirmed that Mutunga is out of danger and undergoing treatment.

“He felt unwell and fainted but he is now out of danger”, said Uasin Gishu County Police Commander Joseph Ole Kine.

He said Mutunga would remain at the hospital for treatment until when doctors recommend that he is in condition to be discharged.

Mutunga had complained since yesterday that he had not been feeling well. An ambulance was called to the police station at about 9.30 am and he was rushed to the Mediheal hospital.

“We have visited him and his condition is now stable.We wish him well and there is no course for alarm”, said Kine.

Here Is The Reason Rosemary Odinga Was Admitted In Hospital

Kibra MP aspirant and Raila Odinga’s daughter, Rosemary Odinga has a brain tumor but it is non-cancerous, a source within the hospital has told the Star.

Rosemary, was admitted at Agha Khan University Hospital on Friday with a headache and moved to Nairobi Hospital on Sunday, February 19th.

The source said she had been in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit before she was moved back to Aga Khan on Monday morning.

PRAY FOR HER! Raila Odinga’s Daughter Rosemary Admitted In ICU

A doctor at The Aga Khan, spoke to the Star in confidence, saying that Rosemary has a meningioma, a brain tumor that applies pressure to the brain.


A meningioma can cause blindness, problems with movement and multiple other complications as it grows and presses into the brain.

Rosemary is under the care of two surgeons.


We wish her a quick recovery.

UMOJA ESTATE: Hungry thief demands for chips before robbing cafe

Five suspected thugs have been killed in Nairobi since last night in the war on armed robberies in the city. Police say they recovered weapons from the slain men.

The first incident happened this morning where a lone gunman who was hungry went to a chips café in Umoja estate and demanded food and as it was being packed he produced a gun also demanding cash.

One of the attendants there wrestled him but the gunman managed to shoot him in the leg. This attracted police attention who pursued him and managed to shoot him dead few meters away.

Another suspect was killed in Shauri Moyo area, Dandora, Waiyaki Way and Buruburu shopping centre. They were all involved in armed robberies. This increases to more than 20, the number of suspects so far killed in a week in Nairobi.

Elsewhere , a five year old boy is nursing wounds after he was shot and wounded in a shooting incident in Shauri Moyo area, Nairobi. During the shooting incident, one suspect was killed by police and a gun found on him.

Police say a gang of four had been terrorizing locals when an alarm was raised prompting a chase. This led to a shooting incident that left a boy who was outside their house with a wound in the shoulder.

Police say they are investigating to establish if the bullet was from one of them or the slain thug but locals say it is the officers’ that hit the boy.

Mwili wa mwanaume mwenye umri wa makamo anauguza majeraha baada ya kushambuliwa na jembe

Mwanamume mwenye umri wa makamo anauguza majeraha katika hospitali ya St Marys, Mumias, baada ya kushambuliwa kwa jembe na mkewe.
Josephat Masinde kutoka kijiji cha nderema eneo bunge la navakholo anadai kuhangaishwa na mkewe mara kwa mara kwa sababu zisizoeleweka.