Ni yake? Tanzanian artiste Lava Lava flaunts his powerful machine

The bongo musician Lava Lava put up photos of him leaning on a big white monster machine, a Toyota Harrier. We hope he is flaunting his property because women will fall in love with him that much more, if it belongs to him.

Mr Lava Lava has been signed to WCB record label which is owned by the one and only, Diamond Platnumz. The lad has talented vocal chords, his singles are instant hits.

He is the one to look out for in WCB, especially with rumours of Rayvanny leaving the label in the near future.

Hii si nikurogwa? Diamond congratulates his brother for cheating on his beautiful wife (Screenshot)

He released his first hit ‘Utatulia’ in January this year and he seems to be coming up quite fast.

Just the other day, he posted pictures of him leaning on a white Harrier. From the photo you can tell it was parked outside what looks like a residential area.

Kuna mpaka slippers kwa mlango.

That said, here are the interesting stats about a Toyota Harrier. It costs a cool Ksh 2.5m to 3m. For that you get a bold and wild personality of a machine.

The price of Toyota harrier increases as more and customized optional features are added.

The interior and exterior equipment includes optional sunroof, fog lamps, rear wipers, privacy glass, UV cutting glass, optional aluminum wheels, automatic air conditioning system, and centralized locks and complete safety ailments provision.

Kijaluo ni mdomo chake! Ali Kiba speaks Luopean with swag (Video)

In spite of all finest quality equipment the vehicle is very nominally priced for its valued customers. Average fuel consumption of Harrier is approximately 21 mpg.

The ratings are based on the crash tests and consumer reviews that are conducted over a specific period of time. Individual scores for different specifications includes: performance 8 out of 10, reliability 8, comfort and convenience 9, dealership remarks 5 and running costs incurrence 8 on the scale of 10.

So, me thinks, hii gari ni yake.

After all si, Diamond can afford to take care of him and buy him a Toyota Harrier as a sign-on-to-the-label welcome gift.

Pesa ni nini kwa diamond. Ni karatass.

Ni karembo ajabu! Avril welcomes new born

Anyhow, here are the photos

lavz1 (1)

lavzz (1)

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Amependeza! Kobi Kihara introduces us to her gorgeous mum

The TV beauty, who hosts the better living show shared a photo of her and her beautiful mother for the first time and she is stunningly gorgeous.


Kobi Kihara

Kobi Kihara is not even a snack, she is a full course mean and I’m not arguing.

The former AM live host is ever looking like candy. Truly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and they are twinning  all the way.

This is the ever bubbly girl’s mum, prepare to be wowed;


‘I love you to infinity,’ whispers Lulu Hassan celebrating her husband

Rashid Abdalla, NTV’s news anchor, turns a year older. His wife, Lulu Hassan sent him a sweet message.

rashid (1)

His wife, Citizen Nipashe’s co-host, Lulu Hassan, took to Instagram to wish him well an this is what she said;

“May you receive everything that you have wished for on your birthday! I love you to infinity and beyond!”


Rashid Abdalla did not also forget to thank God for another year.

“Asante Mungu kwa kunijalia kuongeza mwaka mwengine. “

The two humble love birds are both media personalities.They surely complement each other and look so good together.

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Mrembo kupindukia! Meet NTV news anchor Jane Ngoiri’s beautiful mama!

The beautiful NTV news anchor, Jane Ngoiri, during the weekend attended her elder brothers wedding.

The ever bright and jovial TV girl looked stunning as always and for the first time ever, she introduced us to her mother and we already love her.

Jane is one of the best news anchors and her fluent Swahili is a plus on her side.

Tough luck for ailing journalist Dennis Omondi who is in India

A photo of her mother at the wedding has gone viral and is is melting our hearts.
Ngoiri wrote: “About Yesterday…Big Brothers Wedding…Eric Ng’ang’a Nganda and Ann Wambui. First Photo with Mum and Big Sister Mary Niven. #BigBrotherWedding.”
Meet Jane Ngoiri’s beautiful mama, here is where she got her beautiful genes from.

ngoiri 1

ngoiri (1)

Here are some other photos of her family and friends who attended the wedding:


ngoiri fam

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No fake friends! Bahatis baby mama, Yvette Obura prays for a new bestie

We all know Yvette for being the mother of EMB Records CEO, Bahati’s baby girl, Yvanna Mueni.

Yvette is a single mum but is co-parenting with Bahati who is now married to Diana Marua. Yvette said in a post that she prayed for new friends in 2018. Kwani what was wrong with her 2017 friends?

Yvette got a new friend on social media. Apparently, the lady would comment on her posts and sometimes even DM her and encourage her.

‘My biggest fear is that I might not find a man to love me plus my kids,’ cries Annita Raey

To be honest, Mama Mueni’s life doesn’t seem easy.

She wrote, “When I asked God for new friends in 2018 she came by…she was always encouraging me on my posts/dm and our friendship grew and keeps on growing everyday. She fights for me…we relate in a lot of things..I can say a lot of things about her but lemme reserve the rest I love you Mama Ella.” 

Here’s the post;

Yvette Obura
Yvette Obura


Mpe akupaye! Top 15 names of stingy Nairobi men

She also posted her photo, she is called Ngendo.

Yvette Oburas pal, Ngendo
Yvette Obura’s pal, Ngendo

We all need somebody to lean on.

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TV Girl Joey Muthengi’s advice to women

Joey Muthengi, the energetic ten over ten co-host is giving free advice for free.

muthengi 3

The sassy media shy girl seems to be comfortable with life though she’s not yet married. In an interview on Lets talk, Joey said she was tired of looking for the perfect guy with all the qualities and that she was ready for any man.This is the advice she is giving to young ladies.


The soft spoken TV girl is passionate about women empowerment and earlier this week she posted a photo advising young ladies how to handle life, she probably has hers in full control.


The real Jaduong! Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora’s man flaunts his muscles

If you are a fan of Nairobi Diaries which airs on K24, then you know one of the actresses Mishi Dora.

The loud and controversial actress is dating a very masculine man who goes by the name Ciggie.

ciggie1 (1)

Photos of the man who is dating the one and only controversial Mishi Dora, have caught the attention of mafisilets. His muscles is one of the reasons.

It takes a big man to handle the curvy Mishi. And he is proving that he can do just that.




But the body builder, Ciggie, flaunted his strength by lifting her up and she captioned it saying;

“If he can’t lift you up like this then🤔🤔🤔🤔.. Ahem!! Don’t panic still I believe he can lift you up spiritually 🤗🤗 “

The reactions are hilarious

owande_l_santana: now the notion I had that thick women can only be lifted in prayers is discarded… Hahahaha. I now believe I can be lifted too love you woman.

lindahj_official; Kila mtu ataubeba mzigo wake mwenyewe uwe mzito ama nyepesi. Na nimeenda

benardhingakarish; Uyo mtu ana nguvu kama anaweza kukuinua ivo

asalyegal; My heart really breaks with happiness every time I see this lady happy… This motherly love for you…its kinda real n awkward… Haha maze I just love this girl

ms.sabry; Mami. This one be perfect for you nah. Y’all look adorable

nimoh_kiarie; Skrrrrrr pap pap…!huge shots there

pierelavoisier; Mishi if u let this go u will regret keep him dry all the time not to c anyone else


This is the photo that got many jaws dropping;

ciggie (1)


Top 8 Yearly Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Buying a home is always considered a smart investment. A home is considered as a symbol of prosperity and capability amongst most of the Kenyan generation. Home yearly maintenance is not necessarily for individuals who own homes alone, it also applies to those who are renting homes and apartments as well.

We have tried to break down eight of the most important tasks that we feel every individual should carry out on a yearly basis:

  1. Check the exterior drainage

This does not necessarily have to mean that it should be done on a yearly basis, whenever there has been a heavy rain, it is important to always check the areas outside your house and find ways of removing puddles created due to this. Puddles can be very dangerous especially to family with kids as this are prime breeding areas for mosquitos which causes malaria. Malaria remains a major cause of mortality and morbidity in Kenya as more than 70 percent of the population being. Outside exterior cleaning also entails cleaning the gutter as stray leaves can lead to clogging.

  1. Salt your water softener

New homes nowadays come with the installation of a fancy water heater, cleaning the system minimises the costs taken in terms of constantly replacing the system due to minerals building up and cutting out proper supply. Most homes have ‘hard’ water as their main water usage. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium which causes lime scale build up due to neglect. The different types of salt you can use:

  1. Rock salt (coarse salt) this is the cheapest salt but contains more impurities, which decreases efficiency and dirties your tank and requires frequent cleaning.

  2. Solar salt is much purer than rock salt and of average price.

  3. Evaporated salt is the highest-quality option, but also the most expensive.

  1. Update your disaster kit

All homes need a disaster kit, it does not mean that if you live in areas where there are minimal natural calamities you do not need to stock up. Disasters happen anywhere and at all times; i.e. during blackouts for examples. Look through your kit annually and check if your supplies are not expired and plan to change them accordingly,” States Jumia House Sales Director, Kilonzo Kivuitu.

The current disaster profile in Kenya is dominated by droughts, fire, floods, terrorism, technological accidents which leads to mass distractions as well as disruption of livelihoods and many humans being injured.

  1. Check for termites

Out of sight, out of mind is what most home owners tend to do when I comes to the issue of looking at the state of their homes in terms of this wood eating insects. An annual termite inspection will set you back approximately Kshs 10,000 which will end up saving you thousands of shillings. In cases of pre-construction prevention of termites, it will costs not less than Sh90,000 to do a pre-construction treatment but it costs more than Sh250,000 when doing a post-construction treatment.

  1. Save 1% of the home’s value

Did you know that a home costs 1% of its value in maintenance fees each year? Let’s say for example if you bought a home worth Kshs 10,000,000, expect to pay around 100,000 shillings in order to keep it in tip top condition yearly.

It’s important to note that the 1% rule only serves as an estimate because at time external factors can cause homeownership to be more expensive than expected. Plus taking the time to annually go through your bank accounts regardless of the fact that you are regularly saving throughout the year, can help keep you out of hot water.

  1. Take a photo

We always take pride in documenting all the small and big victories alike for our children’s milestones, why not do the same for our houses? It will surprise you to see how far along your home will come through the years. Continually looking at the growth of your house will give you the confidence in your house.

  1. Know your humidity

Very high levels of humidity can cause a growth in mites increase, growth of mildew and as well as flourishing of black mould. If left unconstrained after a long period, the increase can end up causing structural damage such as: cracking wood, chipping wood, and at times permanently damaging electronics. The average humidity temperature should fall under 30-50%. It’s important to note that most buildings are more structurally sound and are generally able to preserve proper heat and moisture levels. Very high levels of humidity also are major influencers of several respiratory illnesses, this is because 90% of individuals spend most of their time indoors. Annual check in of this is therefore important in order to avoid unnecessary illnesses and decrease in property value over the years.

  1. Create a donation pile

Over the years, they will be a list of appliances that you will not be using anymore, be it books, clothes, electrical appliances, toys et. cetra, toss or donate what you have not used during the year.

Actress Elizabeth Lulu spends her first birthday behind bars

The beautiful Goddess, Lulu Micheal, today turns an year older and for the first time she got to spend the day like every other day, behind bars.

Lulu’s family and friends Miss her dearly. Some of her friends took to social media and wished her a happy birthday.

Our very own Mercy Masika wrote

“You are a true soldier, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU.”


Wema Sepetu posted

“today your Celebrating your birthday away from home, away from your loved ones… Dats a feeling no one can bare with… But Inshallah baby, In our prayers you will Live… Nakupenda na Nakumiss… .”


The actress was imprisoned after being found guilty of the murder of a fellow actor, the late Steven Kanumba who died on April 7th 2012.

Lulu was then sentenced to two years imprisonment on November 13th 2017. The Dar es Salaam High Court charged Elizabeth with killing without intent after she explained to the court that they had a heated debate and that the deceased wanted to attack her with a ‘panga’, after which he fell and became unconscious and she ran for her life.

Later, she got news that the actor had died.