Man Stoned To Death For Allegedly Killing Wife With A Bedsheet

A man was lynched by a mob after his wife was found dead in his house in Dandora, Nairobi. The wife had been missing for a day before she was discovered strangled in the house.

One Killed In An Alleged Fight Between MP Kajwang & Senator Ongoro Supporters

The woman had apparently been killed using a bedsheet and police say they are yet to know who was behind it. When the body was discovered, locals turned on the husband and stoned him to death claiming he was behind the incident.

The bodies were later moved to the mortuary as a probe was launched.

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Pastor Arrested For Torturing 14-Year-Old Boy For ‘Stealing’ A Memory Card

A cleric who has been on the run for the last two days after torturing a worshipper in his church has now been arrested by police in Naivasha.

The renowned cleric from one of the evangelical churches in Nyondia center attacked and seriously injured a 14-year-old boy on Sunday accusing him of stealing a memory card

According to a local leader James Kimathi, the minor who is a member of the Church’s junior choir was going about his normal routines when the cleric accosted him.

He said the pastor claimed the boy had stolen his memory card and ordered him to produce it but when he failed to do so he descended on him with blows and kicks.

Kimathi said the renowned cleric would not stop there as he took the boy to a nearby hill, tied him under a tree where he continued his assault on him.

“He put a pair of stockings in his mouth to prevent him from shouting and gave him a thorough beating before fleeing the area,” he said.

The minor was found a day later while unconscious by well wishers who took him to the Naivasha sub-county hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

A senior police officer who did not want to be named said that on interrogation the boy gave a detailed account of what exactly happened and a man hunt for the runaway pastor was launched.

“He was nabbed this morning in his house following a tip off from members of the public after word went round that police were looking for him,” said the officer.

He added that the pastor will be arraigned in court to face various charges including assault once the investigations are completed.

VIDEO: I Was Lonely When My Right-Hand Man, Liondeh Was Hospitalized – Mbusii

Early this year, popular Radio Jambo presenter, Cyrus Afune popularly known as Liondeh was hospitalized after the Mbusii na Lion Teketeke co-host developed Pancreatic problems.

The news caused shock among his family, colleagues, friends and loyal fans who couldn’t just imagine days leave alone weeks without their favorite presenter, whom together with his co-host Mbusii make a dream team which has become a force to reckon with in the drive show.

Ghost, Mbusii, Liondeh And Arocho Link Up To Support Local Football (Photos)

Upon Lion deh’s hospitalization, Mbusii called upon their fans to dedicate the presenter in their prayers.

“Liondeh is currently hospitalized at Matter hospital where he has been since last Saturday. The doctors say that our very own rasta had developed pancreas problems but he is recuperating well.”

“Good morning Rasta people! Let’s pray to JAH for Lion’s Quick healing as he battles wicked Babylon illness. Doctors cure but Jah Heals. Iriee.”

Their prayers were answered and a week later, Liondeh was released from Mater hospital in South B area Nairobi. He resumed work a few days after where he was full of gratitude to his friends and fans for supporting him at his lowest time in life.

GET WELL SOON: Rasta Man Liondeh Hospitalized After Developing Pancreas Problems (Photos)

However, it may seem normal to many that Mbusii still managed to keep their millions of fans attached to their radio sets despite his partner in crime’s condition.

We caught up with the pint-sized presenter and he revealed that it was hard to cope with the thought of his best friend and his “right man” ailing in hospital, adding that no one would replace the chemistry the two have, but was glad he recovered fully.

Mafans Waniombee Hii Mwili Haikutengenezwa Na Matope, Says Liondeh

“Manze siku hiyo wolan alikuwa hosi, nilikuwa lonely sana juu unajua tumezoeana na Lion chemistry yetu kwa show. ” Said Mbusii.

“Sasa show kuwa one man halafu unajua right man wako, ako hosi haskii fiti yaani..hata nikikuja meditation manze nabaki na meditate one man sifiki kwa mawingu mahali inafaa lakini Lion sahii ako fiti, Jah alifanya mambo yake.” he added.

Watch the video clip below.



Huzuni Baada Ya Mwanamme Kufariki Baada Ya Kuchomwa Na Mkewe (AUDIO)

Hatimaye mwanamume kwa jina Franco Wesuswa kutoka kijiji cha Ngwelo eneo bunge la Webuye magharibi aliyedaiwa kuchomwa na mkewe mwezi jana ameaga dunia.

Kulingana na nduguye Mwendazake Moses Wafula ni kuwa Wesuswa aliungua asilimia sabini kufuatia majeraha ya moto yaliyosababishwa na mkewe kwa jina Maureen Wanyonyi aliyemumwagia maji moto.

Licha ya hayo yote Familia ya mwenda zake ikiongozwa na mwenyekiti wa ukoo huo, Protus Nyongesa imesema kuwa imemsamehe mshukiwa aliyeachiliwa kwa dhamana ya shilingi laki moja na mahakama wakisema atalazimika kuwajibikia malezi ya wanawe.

Hata hivyo wakaazi wa  eneo hilo wakiongozwa na Patrick Nasongo na Mary Mukite wamekashifu kisa hicho na kutaka hatua za kisheria kuchukuliwa dhidi ya mke huyo.

Skiza kanda ifuatayo.

Mdukuzi anayelaumiwa kwa kupoteza bilioni 4 za KRA kujua hatma yake leo

Mshukiwa aliyeshtakiwa kwa kusababisha halmashauri ta ukusanyaji ushuru nchini KRA kupoteza shilingi takriban bilioni nne kwa kudukua mfumo wa KRA Alex Mutungi Mutuku leo atafahamu hatma yake.

Mahakama moja ya hapa nairobi inatarajia kuamua iwapo Mutuku mwenye umri wa miaka 28  ataachiliwa kwa dhamana au kusalia kizimbani kwa siku 40 hadi kesi dhidi yake ianze.

Mutuku  ambaye picha zake mtandaoni zilionyesha maisha ya kifahari amejipata ‘maarufu’ mitandaoni kwa msemo wake wa ‘tumia pesa zikuzoee’ lakini udukuzi wake sasa  unatishia kuifikisha safari yake ya mazoea jela.



UASIN GISHU: Bishops Angered By High Number Of Drunk Women

Bishops and pastors in Eldoret have expressed anger over a high number of drunk women aspirants seeking elective seats in Uasin Gishu County.

The clergymen led by David Omwere said they had been informed of six women seeking the women representative position who frequently engaged in heavy drinking in clubs in the town.

Omwere said they would not support either male or female aspirants who are ‘immoral’.

Woman Crashes Her New Born To Death After Falling Asleep Ontop Of Her While Drunk

“We won’t elect a drunk woman as a women representative.” Said Pastor David Omwere.

“Six of the women vying for the position we know them, they are drunkards. One of the six women is a drunkard who has made it a habit to go to night clubs with our children.” Added the concerned pastor.


“You Dare Call Him Your Husband Yet He’s Never Even Taken A Mosquito To Your Parents?” (AUDIO)

I can’t think of a more delicate matter than that of the heart, yes, it’s always delicate and emotional when it touches the heart, perhaps the most delicate organ a human being possesses? That’s a topic for another day.

So through Radio Jambo’s Patanisho segment which has seen old flames reignited, cheating couples retract their loyal roots and even the hardcore soften their stance and give love a chance, that is where I have come to learn it all.

KISII: Man to be paid back dowry by cheating wife

Some of the disagreements as documented on the clips emanate from the issue of dowry payment, which Africans especially our Kenyan brothers and sisters value so dearly.

Most of these couples argue that their significant others (men) put zero effort in paying for their dowry and as a result causing rifts between the couples and the in laws, who at most times incite their daughters to flee from their ‘marital homes’ until the issue is solved between the parties.

Speaking of dowry, during his recent Machakos visit, Radio Jambo presenter Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee was at the right place at the right time to witness first hand how dire the issue has been, when two women were embroiled in a heated debate regarding the same.

“Like I told you Gidi, I was in Machakos over the weekend  where I managed to hear two ladies having an interesting conversation. So the ladies were engaged in a heated debate. All of a sudden I heard one shout ” You dare call that man your husband yet he’s never even paid a mosquito as dowry”.

PATANISHO: Nikilipa Deni La Elfu Nane Nataka Lihesabiwe Kama Mahari

Narrated Mulee laughing hysterically leaving his co-host Gidi in stitches.

Listen to the hilarious clip below.

Sh1.15M For Kenya’s All Stars Team Despite Losing 2-1 To Hull City

The SportPesa Allstars football team who lost to Hull City 2-1 away in England were awarded Sh1.15m yesterday in Nairobi.

Humphrey Mieno, the scorer of Kenya’s solitary goal, was also awarded Sh100,000 as promised by SportPesa.

The Sh1.15m token translates to Sh50,000 for each member of the team. SportPesa’s representative Esther Kang’ethe, said even though the boys didn’t meet the threshold to merit the amount, it was given to them as a motivation ahead of their return leg later in the year.

“Our team did well considering the harsh weather conditions. It was very cold and many are not used to playing in such conditions and we commend them for doing their very best to even manage a goal,” said Kang’ethe.

Kenyan Premier League All Stars Fall 1-2 To Hull City

“It was an impressive show and we are proud of the team. The rewards we are giving them today are just to motivate them ahead of the return leg when Hull City will be visiting Kenya,” she added. “The team had a good experience in the Hull City tour and each one of us picked at least one lesson from the game and training we had before the match,” said captain James Situma. “Some of us will become managers in future and learnt a lot about this game,” he added.

The side’s team manager and former Kenyan International Neville Pudo said the initiative by SportPesa is well on course and will increase Kenya’s chances of qualifying for the 2022 Qatar Fifa World Cup.

-The Star

Joho Summoned To Record Statement Over Forged Exam Slip Claims

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has been summoned to appear at the Coast regional criminal investigations office over forgery claims.

This is involving an examination results slip issued in Joho’s name, claiming he sat for his secondary school examinations at Serani High School in 1992.

Pius Macharia, Coast DCI boss, in a March 27 letter asked the governor to appear before a Samuel Nyambengi on Tuesday at 10am.

I am not your wife, Uhuru tells Joho

“I have reasons to believe Joho has information which may assist in completing investigations in a case of forgery,” Macharia said.

“I do hereby require you for statement recording relating to the forgery of a 1992 result slip which is subject to this investigation.”

In his response, Joho acknowledged receipt of the letter but said he had prior commitments and will not honor the summons.

He promised to appear for statement recording on Wednesday.

Joho has distanced himself from the allegations, saying he concluded his exams in 1993, and scored C+.

Drama In Mombasa As Joho Is Barred From Attending Uhuru’s Mtongwe Ferry Launch (VIDEO)

The social media has been awash with two different sets of result slips and certificates, with one indicating that he cleared in 1992 and got a D- (minus).

The other indicates that he cleared in 1993.

On Monday, two Mombasa residents interviewed at the school, claimed to have been Joho’s classmates.

Joho’s academic qualifications were challenged in court twice, but the court dismissed the cases against him.

-The Star