Harambe Stars coach Paul Put resigns over ‘personal reasons’

Harambe star’s coach Paul Put has resigned from his position.

It is not clear what prompted the resignation but the Football Kenya Federation released a statement saying, they “wish to inform the general public that Mr. Paul Put has officially resigned as the Kenya National Football Team, Harambee Stars Head Coach, citing personal reasons.”

paul put

‘Jesus will return,’ sung gospel star at church podium before dropping dead

The statement continued, “The tactician’s resignation, though down to personal reasons is a setback to the country’s ongoing 2019 AFCON qualifiers as he was an integral member of the Technical bench.
In light of the foregoing, FKF has already begun the process of finding a suitable replacement to fill Mr. Put’s position, with Stanley Okumbi taking charge of the national team in the interim period.”

The federation then went ahead to thank “Mr. Put for his professional service and utmost commitment during his tenure with the Harambee Stars, this even as we wish him well in his future endeavors.”

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Kwaheri baba! Raila Odinga leaves for Zimbabwe to bury Morgan Tsvangirai

NASA leader Raila Odinga has left the country for Zimbabwe this afternoon to attend the burial of his long-time friend and Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who died last Wednesday after a long battle with colon cancer.

Dennos Onyagi said in a press statement, “Odinga left Nairobi at 1 PM for Harare. He will then travel to Buhera, some 300 kilometres from Harare where the MDC leader will be laid to rest tomorrow.”

Louis Otieno needs your help for ear treatment in India

Raila Odinga

The two leaders first met in 1993 when Odinga led an International Republican Institute team to train political parties and civil society in Zimbabwe for the multi-party elections that were approaching then.

At that time, Tsvangirai was with Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum; a civil society organization s an organization founded in 1992 to ensure that the Zimbabwean citizens are informed about human rights and are empowered to defend their own rights.

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‘He is a turncoat we should ignore,’ Wetangula blasts Atwoli

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula has dismissed COTU boss Francis Atwoli’s efforts to unite the Luhya community.

He said the strategy employed by the unionist will leave the Mulembe community more divided than before.

Wetang’ula spoke following Atwoli’s meeting with Luhya elders meeting at his Khwisero home on Sunday.

The Senate Minority Leader said Atwoli cannot purport to have held a meeting for Luhya elders in the absence of elected leaders.

“Where were elected Luhyas from Bungoma, Trans Nzoia, and Nairobi? They don’t matter?” Wetangula asked.

He said: “Atwoli’s cheap gimmicks with a handful of imposters and masquerades will not solve the Mulembe unity issues. He is a turncoat we should ignore”.

Swaleh Mdoe is human too! Anto Neosoul defends the TV anchor for being broke

Atwoli hosted a handful of leaders at his home to forge a way forward for the 2022 politics.

Emuhaya MP Omboko Milemba and Busia Senator Amos Wako were in attendance.

Wetang’ula, Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya, and Senator Cleophas Malala did not attend.

It was reported that the meeting was to discuss why Mudavadi skipped the swearing in of Raila Odinga at Uhuru Park on January 30.

After the meeting, the elders resolved that Mudavadi, who is the ANC party leader, remains the community’s spokesperson.

Atwoli retracted his earlier comment of withdrawing his support for Mudavadi.

‘Kila mtu chini na ukiinuka nakumaliza…’ City Man narrates his ordeal in the hands of matatu jackers

The COTU secretary general had declared to withdraw his support for the two Luhya politicians after they snubbed Raila’s swearing in.

“You all can remember what I said after the January 30 event. That was my opinion. After talking with other elders, we have agreed that my brother here still has our support,” Atwoli said. “We have faith in Mudavadi’s leadership… the elders can withdraw their support after assembling the over 1 million Kenyans.”

Atwoli asked Mudavadi to continue stirring the community forward on matters politics.

Atwoli called Wetangula, Mudavadi and Kalonzo irredeemable cowards and asked president Uhuru Kenyatta to only call for dialogue with Raila.
-The Star/By PATRICK VIDIJA @vidijapatrick

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‘Jesus will return,’ sung gospel star at church podium before dropping dead

A budding singer-cum-pastor in Kitui, who dropped dead while ministering in church, has been buried.

Gospel singer Daniel Kitheka, alias Tetemeshe, collapsed in the middle of a church service he was leading on February 4 at the IDCC church in Kyuluni.

He died on the spot.

In his eulogy, Pastor Stephen Mumo said Kitheka was praising the Lord with the song “Kumba and Kuvumbua, Yesu atarudi (In the twinkling of an eye, Jesus will return)” shortly before he untimely demise.

“And after praising, he knelt down, his microphone fell down and behold, he met his death,” Mumo said.

‘Kila mtu chini na ukiinuka nakumaliza…’ City Man narrates his ordeal in the hands of matatu jackers

TetemeshaHis right leg was deformed since birth, but he was otherwise healthy. However, doctors found out during an autopsy that he had a compound liver, heart and lungs condition.

Hundreds of Christian faithful and lovers of his gospel lyrics gathered at his Syumiku village home on February 10 to bid him farewell.

Mourners lamented that he died at the prime of his life. He was 26 years old and left behind not only a young bride but hundreds of fans.

Na mumekua wakubwa? Meet the all grown cast of TV show, Machachari

TetemeshaTetemeshe died only six months into his marriage with Purity Mutheu. They had exchanged their wedding vows at the IDCC Church in Chuluniward in Kitui East subcounty, where he ministered in last August 5. He had been the church minister since 2016.


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Louis Otieno needs your help for ear treatment in India

This seems to be a tough year for legendary TV news anchors. Louis Otieno has been out of a job for a while and now he is requesting the public to help him fundraise for his medical condition.

Louis’ pals and family have come together and launched the Louis Otieno Medical Funds Drive.

Swaleh Mdoe is human too! Anto Neosoul defends the TV anchor for being broke

They wrote in the funds appeal message, “As you all may be aware Louis has been unwell and in and out of hospital being treated for acute pancreatitis. During one of his admissions, Louis lost his hearing while in hospital. Efforts to get his hearing fixed including using hearing Aids have not been successful.”

Louis Otieno1

Na mumekua wakubwa? Meet the all grown cast of TV show, Machachari

“During this period, he has not been able to engage in any gainful income generating activities which has been straineous for him and family. After consultations with doctors, it was agreed that the only way the hearing could be fixed was by having a procedure undertaken in India called Cochlear implant. The cost of this very needed surgery is quite high and hence our reaching out to friends, well wishers, former peers and anyone who feels moved to support this man get his life back again.

They continued, “A paybill number 333957, has been opened and is active so you can send your donations directly to the paybill. The committee is also planning a harambee to support Louis. We all know of the great work he did in media and we wish to see him continue this good work. Join us in the initiative to help Louis Otieno gain his hearing back again!

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Na mumekua wakubwa? Meet the all grown cast of TV show, Machachari

Meet the TV wonder kids who kept us glued to the TV set during the popular drama series Machachari.

Baha Machachari

Baha Machachari1

‘Kila mtu chini na ukiinuka nakumaliza…’ City Man narrates his ordeal in the hands of matatu jackers

Stella Machachari



Malik Lemmy





Joy Ohon
joyohon Machachari2

joyohon Machachari

joyohon Machachari1

Sammy King Machachari1

Sammy King Machachari

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Swaleh Mdoe is human too! Anto Neosoul defends the TV anchor for being broke

The internet has been buzzing with news of Kenya’s favourite TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe is broke and in need of financial assistance.

Swaleh said, “Yes, I’m broke and that is a fact of life. I have pressing financial issues that need to be resolved and the bank cannot top up and help me.”

The Citizen Swahili news anchor has decided to sell one of his kidneys in the hopes that he will get some money in return.


Asked why he would resort to such a drastic measure to get money? Swaleh said, “Why go and steal and get caught in the process yet I can sell my kidney. It is not illegal.”

Swaleh refused to explain what the nature of his financial issue is but insisted that the timelines for his need for the money is “as soon as next week.”

Prophet who sprayed congregants with Doom to be sentenced for assault

Meanwhile, Anto Neosoul has called out the people who are talking smack about Swaleh Mdoe’s financial situation saying, “wenye wanamtukana they can’t even pay bills huku nje.”

“So Swaleh Mdoe needs help. Kenyans another chance for you to chastise, judge, insult, meme and ridicule him. So sad what we have become. If you don’t wanna help him, don’t. If you wanna help, help and move on. Stop deducing why he should have saved or not saved by now. People go through shit, he is human too.”

Here are some candid reactions to Anto Neosoul’s post.

Phanice Kerubo: I don’t get the bile/venom pple spew….yaani some pple want to pangia others their salos/cash …nway hope he gets the help he needs…too heartbreaking…for him to reach that point of saying it aki kimeumana.

Joey Masire: Such a load of bull, how many families go without a mean on daily basis for us to loose sleep over some overgrown baby, please, someone doesn’t need two kidneys, he doesn’t need two balls either, a lot of biz for human parts traffickers..

Tension nayo? Mhesimiwa Jaguar’s election petition case to be heard after Valentine’s Day

 Wilson Muiruri: Oh, wow. I read his story online and all I thought was how determined he is to get out of debt. Financial planning is something fundamental thats never taught in school, we learn through mistakes. That what went through my mind….until I read the comment section… Humans are ssooooooo quick to put each other down. I felt so disgusted by the comments.

Ndysh Safaris: I agree bro.. but people cannot protect your privacy, its an individual responsibility.

Peter Miz Mizanin: We also have problems so he is not the first… Did he tell us when he had all the money

Chris L. Lwande: You are always on your senses bro

Phobia Dan: Just like they did to Achieng Abura. If you can’t help, then stay away..

Viqky Karanjah: wɦɑt tɦɛ ɛԲԲ ɗiɗ ɳiggɑ ɗѳ witɦ ɑʆʆ ɦiร ɱuʆʆɑ ɑɳɑรɑiɗiwɑ y???? ɑรiiiii ɑʝiรѳʀt

Nicholas Mungai: hahahahahahAaaa this is serious,unadai kunisho hana ata ka.land mahali coz I dny Xpect sm1 lyk him kua na shida ya 850k?asset zko piwa??fala sana!

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‘Kila mtu chini na ukiinuka nakumaliza…’ City Man narrates his ordeal in the hands of matatu jackers

Nairobi is no longer the safe haven we thought it was.

A city man, Kelvin Cayman narrates how he thought his ride home from work was going to be smooth until thugs carjacked the Citi Hoppa he was riding in.

If you thought you are safe in your Estate/home bound bus/matatu after crossing the dangerous and “mugger-ful” Nairobi streets. This time, you are wrong! You are making the worst assumption.

So on Tuesday 13th February my friend Laz Korir asked to meet me in town so we can discuss how we shall collaborate in developing a certain app. We sat at Highland Platinumz from 7pm up to some minutes to 9pm as we talked about stuffs.

I live in Pipeline area so I had several route options. However my dislike for loud music in the Embassava Sacco busses and the Kanambos left me with Citi Hoppa option. Well frankly I have always taken this option anytime with headache or without, I just like how they travel slowly and smoothly – usually gives me time to meditate and think about things…lool.

Radio presenter charged with defiling a Form One student

This evening looks like people are boarding slow, I was among the first to board, at the door I was frisked and then I sat on the rear wheels row, on the driver’s side. The fleet number was 404. So we leave town prolly some minutes after 9pm or 9.30…, I am not sure the exact time. The tout started his business and by the time we were speeding past Nyayo Stadium I was handing in my ‘fote’, Ksh 40/- bus fare. At that time I was between dozing off and eavesdropping to a couple who were seated next to me talking about their neighbor who has been doing too loud music.

On passing the Southern By-pass interchange, I heard someone seated somewhere in front of me shout “Shukisha”. That statement always triggers your mind to brace because the auto is braking. And there we briefly stopped at Airtel stage. I was not paying any attention to what was happening. I know shukisha means someone is being dropped.

To my surprise there was a scuffle at the door to the driver’s section, then someone shouted “Kila mtu chini…”, another one repeated “Kila mtu chini na ukiinuka nakumaliza…”. Another guy dashed from the back seats shouting “kila lala mtu chini…” as he slapped people to the front of the bus then back.

In the process…my mind was like. “Today’s pastor has used a weird way to seek attention.” These buses usually have pastors preaching. But it was a glimpse of a guy handling something like a pistol that made me fit in a space I can’t fit normally. At the same time we were being ordered to lie down. Our driver was ‘overthrown’ and the reality was, we were in the hands of a 5-persons carjacking gang and one of them was now our driver. All the ‘overthrowing’ happened in the brief in the brief stop where instead of someone alighting, someone aboard with their weapons of ‘work’ – read pistol(s) and some knives.

So the illegitimate – son of a bitch driver speeds past Sameer Business park and instead of following Mombasa road, he diverts into Enterprise road.

Inside the bus over 40 passengers are being terrorized while lying on the floor. “Leta simu na pesa…”x10,000 were the only statements you could hear. Handbags, pockets, any carriers emptied. On my hot completely uncomfortable corner I was doing my “Hail Mary…”s. I am a Catholic. I removed my phone from my pocket and dropped it on the floor.
So then comes my turn to give money and my phone, this thug gets to me…he ordered me to stand… The pistol in his hand, he first puts it back in the holster. I lifted my arms up and kinda begged for mercy “Akh bro sina phone ni tu hii phone na hizi coins na hizi sticky notes na wallet….” The look I gave him he instantly believed me and picked my wallet (which had only my National ID card, 2 Equity bank ATM cards, alooooooot of business cards), I think the coins I handed him was only 15bob, literally after paying the bus fare I was left with 30 shs and I later found I still had 15 bob in my pocket ( stop laughing..) and my sticky notes which had important points on the Apps discussion I had with Laz. The way he picked the sticky notes I thing he perceived it was some cash notes. He puts my stuffs call it contribution in a handbag he picked from the lady seated next to me. I was in a white shirt and a blueish trouser so he parted with “Lala chini student…”

When I got down I picked my phone and….guess where I did hide it. Yes, you are right. Thanks to my big butt.

‘I have never seen a body brought from the morgue for burial then returned,’ shocked villagers watch as burial is disrupted

Then the thug came again after his commander shouted to him “Baba hapo hamfanyi kazi vizuri hapo nyuma…”. This time he was determined to get something out of me, so instead of ordering me to hand in anything he decided to check himself.

The idiot started with my armpit, down into my pockets and then shamelessly my balls. Imagine lifted up my balls. Fuck! Now that was completely uncomfortable as he repeated. And then he miraculously ignored my butt! That’s where the phone was feeling the heat and “drinking” all the sweat. He moved to another person, I couldn’t believe it.

My joy was short-lived when I realized my phone’s “Ringer and Message Volume” was full blast.

My heart was now popping out as I sat on my phone I hoped when it rings the sound will be kinda “absorbed by the ass”. Prayers continued.

Now we are at Jogoo road headed towards Donholm when we were ordered to “Sit kama abiria…”. At this time they are done with the major part of their business and they are now rerunning searching algorithms to some passengers. The thug in-charge of the rear section sat on our seat. Now my heartbeats literally tripled. “Even if I my ass absorb the volume which hmm..impossible, it can’t absorb the vibration.” That was killing me faster than the bullets I may receive once this devil learns I have my phone. At that time of the evening there’s usually a likelihood I receive a call from a friend or my family.

It’s at this point I thought about my death, how the burial would be. My Eulogy would be so short…. Birth, Education, Death at 25. I thought about the several apps I am doing, who will complete them? I thought about my dreams, my friends, my family. How maybe one the leaders will condemn the act but technically will not be even aware I was in the bus. I remembered I don’t have a girlfriend, technically no one would feel the loss from that end. “I am just as useless as dead…” I thought. And in a way I changed my view of life from that end. First things first I need a girlfriend, someone we shall do these apps together…loool..

(Back from girlfriend commercial) To other passengers, a few got some beating because as the thugs claimed they looked like AP officers, they were judging from the style of the hair cut. The balder you look, the more likely you are a security officer.

From Jogoo rd we join Outering road and now we are heading towards Allsops still the thug sitting on our seat… cut that part because that’s where the epicenter of the impact of my trauma and I don’t want to talk about it.

God is great no one has called or texted when the thieves ordered us to lean forward as they jumped out the bus in a dark alley somewhere in Kariobangi!!! They had bountifully made away with over 30 phones, over a 100k and other valuables.

Meet Steve Otombo, the university student who was stabbed over a DJ competition

They gave back the bus to our driver and ordered him to speed off and not look back.

Fast forward to Buruburu Police Station. The time is now 11.30pm. OOOH MY GOD!! Sincerely speaking. The lowest service and professionalism I have ever seen. We start with statement recording at the OB, they officer guy in charge was recording on a foolscap. I have never been to a police station again but I know OB stands for Occurrence Book. Which is a book. I asked him why foolscap and he said he will transfer.

Then the listening part, so an officer asks you what happened, then in the middle of you explaining he switches to a phone, doesn’t show any attention and he goes to the next person. It was the ‘coldest’ service.

Having spent an hour and a half it’s now 1am. We’re through with the statements. Things feels thickest and everyone wants to go home when another officer appears and says. “Ngonjeni OCS anakuja asikie hii case yenu…”…Aaaarrrgh!
We sat on the cold floor in-front of the reception recounting what just happened. Another very neatly dressed officer appear and listens to one of the group then this was his reply.
“Mimi sipigii mtu debe lakini ukitaka vizuri, panda ile gari iko na kichwa. Hizi za Route 23, lakini Citi Hoppa na Double M achana nayo… Hawa wezi wanajuanga zile gari zinabeba watu wako na pesa.(meaning the one the driver section is separate with the passenger section)”
That was really disturbing! Really hopeless and awful.

When the OCS arrived a few victims were selected and they went with him into the office to recount the same story. Then he decided to shock us more by saying… “Wale wako na means wanaeza enda nyumbani, wale watabaki nitajua.”
It’s fucking 2 AM, you’ve been robbed, they have grounded the bus we had paid for, locked up our driver and the tout, the officer is really this damn kind and you are like 50 kilometers from where you stay…

With my little knowledge I asked one the passengers who had identified himself as a pastor and had been robbed 16000 shs we join and lobby to get a transport through their lorry that was parked outside the station with headlights on. Thanks to my little courage and English the OCS submitted and we got a ride home. In a way I was treated a superman.

Our case is OB Number 85/13/2/18.

So dear people when you get to your apartment/block or whatever you call home, thank God and see it as a miracle.
If possible tumia zile gari ziko na kichwa. Right now the noisy and overated Kanambo is bae.

And it’s not safe at all. The President, Gov Sonko and all security organs in the city should know it’s not safe. AT ALL!!”

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3 teachers and a woman murdered in suspected alshabab attack in Wajir


Wajir county /HEZRON NJOROGE

Wajir county /HEZRON NJOROGE


The county AP commandant Mohamed Sheikh  led a security team. An other group of officer from Khorot Harar AP camp pursued the attackers.

Area MP Rashid Kassim confirmed to the press in Wajir town four people were killed.

He said there was urgent need to reinforce police posts especially those on the border, because they are vulnerable to the militant attacks.

“We appeal to the state equip officers. If not,  terrorists will continue with their ambushed,” he said.

The incident comes a day after four people were seriously injured  after two pastoralist families in Wajir East clashed over water and pasture.

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Chuki itawamaliza! Jealous Kenyans pick on Bahati’s newborn baby

Being a celebrity one has to develop a thick skin or else you will die due to depression. Fans will always troll you whether you do good or bad.


Gospel singer Bahati seems to be an easy target for troll and barely a week after he and his wife Diana Marua welcomed their bundle of joy, trolls are already mauling their poor daughter.

Just like any other celebrity kid, Bahati’s daughter, Heaven already has an Instagram account, which is run by her parents. The two lovebirds have been posting photos on Heaven’s account from the day she was born but it seems a section of social media users aren’t happy. Critics have camped on Heaven Bahati’s Instagram questioning how a 4-day-old baby can type and update her account.

Check out the reactions:

Alison Awiti: One-day-old ashaanza kuongea?

Kriserroh: Aki ya nani umeshajua kuType 😊 ebu jibu DM. welcome home baby.

Sheymaggie: We all know they had sex and it’s not bad to be blessed.. To my surprise, they are behaving as if Diana was impregnated by holy spirit.. Bahati no matter how innocent you look tunajua unatwanga vitu so wacha tudemand more attention kuliko yesu bro

Mercyndara: Tutakuona tu hatuna mbio…lol

Kenyansimon: saysAti hadi ashajua kutype 😂😂😂😂 aanze ku dm watu 😂😂😂 @kriserroh

Barakamwaura: Well, it’s day two now but it’s alright I’ll just retreat to my corner and mind my business

Slim_kenyan: Si this one has started writing,already knows where she is abi….Mazee kuweni realistic

Bahati and his daughter Heaven

Mbithiagnes: 1-day-old na kameanza kuongea waah 😂😂😂

Jowienjoro: Mtoto anajua kutype already hehehe

Leeoderoh: Kwani ashaanza kuongea🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣anyway congrats Bahati👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Bree_mashipei: Woiyeeee…kanajua ady kuomba kapelekwe home kugotea mueni

Djmems: Hehee aki ulicreate hii account ukiwa kwa tumbo…. anyway welcome to the world princess.


Trolls went ahead to attack Bahati and Diana Marua and are some of the savage comments:

Chebwai Shyllah Christabel: Wee Baha, day mlifanya mapenzi mlituambia? Then why bug us with the outcome?keep ur things private, unless you tell us about Mueni.Kelele tu za sijui Heaven ama ni Haven,,whartever give us a break men!

Nohell Makau: With this continuous photo updates I feel like nalea Heaven na bundles zangu

Sharon Shazam Hakal: Kama yesu ni our prince,the only man,the king,the only son of God na wakati alizaliwa Mary na joseph hawakusumbua watu hivi….wewe ni nini mbaya kweli hatutakaa na amani sasa??ati 3 pages ya gazeti si heri angekuwa amewekwa kwa bibilia….nkt ebu chemushia Diana supu akunywe Maziwa itoke Weee sahizi ni baba wacha kujifanya slay king….nisiskiie tena!!!!

Belle Moraa: Sura hii bado sijaijua ama pia sister ya eugine wamalwa was delivering…niokotwe yesu akirudi.

Check out the sreenshots


Bahati's fans troll his wife
Bahati’s fans troll his wife