Celebrate Easter with this style guide

Fashion is essential even during holidays. Easter holidays should be filled with adventure and style too.

Here are some of the tips on what to wear during this festive season.

Maxi dresses

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Since it’s still a sunny season, maxi dresses are a must, be it during the day or the night, they work perfect for both occasions. You can accessorize them with sunglasses, add a belt, a coat on top during night time or a small clutch bag. If you are going out for lunch with family and friends or dinner with a spouse, it will suit the occasion.

Sport Shoes

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Comfort is essential during the holidays. Most activities involve mountain climbing, trekking, playing sports outdoors going out for bowling. It’s important for such plans to make sure you stay comfortable to avoid fatigue.

Floral outfits

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Enjoy the weather with floral outfits i.e floral pants, tops, shorts etc to match the colorful fun weather outside. You can wear them  going to church, lunch/dinner, movies among others.You can accessorize them with a watch or bracelet, high heels, or a necklace.


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Perfect for adventurous trips like going zip lining, road trips, mountain climbing, etc. They are very comfortable and flexible which allows you to do activities with no restrictions.

Denim Skirts

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Denims are a must in every girl’s closet. Perfect wear during day and night time, they are comfortable and one can wear them with high heels during night time, sneakers during day time or sandals.

You can wear crop tops or even match with a denim shirt.

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