Celebrities Who Have Shaved Their Dreadlocks In Recent Years

2017 saw a number of Kenyan celebrities ditch their signature looks by shaving off their dreadlocks.

Among these celebrities are popular radio presenter Nick Odhiambo, comedian and MC Oga  as well as gospel artist DK Kwenye beat.

Below is a list of a number of celebrities who shaved their dreadlocks in recent years.

DK Kwenye Beat

In the video, DK is overheard claiming that he took the shaving decision because he is set to tie the knot and apparently his girlfriend/ fiancée “aliniambia hawezi kubali hiyo…”

Nick Odhiambo

Former Classic presenter now Radio Maisha morning show host Nick Odhiambo ditched his dreadlocks trademark look for a short hair do, after seven years.


Oga Obinna

The comedian shaved his long dreads after a friend of his dared him to do so for a cool Sh 1 million in return.



Robert Kamanzi (R Kay)


Kamanzi one of Kenya’s most prolific musicians/ producers did the unexpected 2016 when he shaved off his 14 years old signature dreadlocks.

Koigi wa Wamwere

The human rights activist made a vow back in the 90’s promising that he would shave his shoulder length dreadlocks the day President Moi would leave power. True to his word, Koigi shaved his more than ten years old dreadlocks to celebrate Mwai Kibaki’s election win in 2003.


Annabel Onyango

Annabel is a one of the most celebrated Kenyan fashion icons. The Sauti sol stylist, decided to do away with her blonde dreadlocks early 2015.


Eric Wainana


The Kenyan music great surprised the nation when he shaved his long dreadlocks in 2013. Wainana who apart from his unique musical style, was well known for his dreadlocks and it came as a huge surprise when he appeared on Tusker Project Fame programme with a rather short brown hair which has since remained his signature style.


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