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Check out latest photos of Lionel Messi and his cute family

Lionel Messi decided to bless our Instagram feeds on the 10th of this month by posting lovely family photos of his wife and kids. Messi and wife Antonella Roccuzzo became proud parents to their third son who they aren’t shy posting pictures of.

They were also seen in Ibiza where they went to spend their holidays.

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Despite the loss which Argentina had during the 2018 world cup, and Messi being one of the greatest footballers worldwide and a key player in the team, it seems the loss didn’t ruin the rest of his year, since he is seen being jolly and enjoying the rest of the year with his family.

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Messi has won the hearts of many due to his kindness and humility. He is seen being more of a team player unlike so many other footballers who are more into the fame.

“I prefer to win titles with the team before individual prizes or outscoring everyone. I’m more concerned with being a good person than being the best footballer in the world,” Lionel Messi.

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The couple is seen being really relaxed when it comes to walking in the streets unlike many celebrities who tend to move around with security escorts, showing that they are more into the chilled kind of life than letting fame get to their heads.

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Photo Credits: Instagram

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