‘I was ‘cyberbullied’ for talking about rape,’ reveals Annitah Raey

Radio Jambo presenter, Annitah Raey, shocked her fans when she took to her social media to announce that she is a rape victim.

This, however, did not end well with her, as some of her followers bullied her. She told Word Is a lot of people bully her on her social media thinking she will not respond.

“I am cyberbullied a lot because people think just because I am a woman and a radio presenter, I won’t reply, but I want to tell them that I am gonna respond immediately,” she said.

“When I came out to speak about being a rape victim, someone asked me, ‘Unataka tulie ama? Kwani ni wewe wa kwanza kua raped?’ I stood my ground and responded to that comment until they deleted it.

She has also been bodyshamed for her outspokenness.

“Another one bodyshamed me, calling me ‘fat’ after I talked about the rape case in Moi Girls’ School, and I just wondered, what has my body has to do with that?” she said.

“I think what most people do is they try to attack you with what they think is gonna affect your personality. Every time someone tries to cyberbully me, I always remind them that it is wrong to do that.”

Photo Credits: victor TKO imboto

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