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Efficient And Effective Ways Of Consuming The Cannabis Drug (Weed)

This morning Gwada Ogot, a resident of Siaya county is expected to present his cannabis case before the Senate’s Health committee chaired by Migori Senator Wilfred Machage. He filed a petition for the legalization of the cannabis drug better known as weed or marijuana in Kenya. Ogot claims the plant has multiple documented benefits and if legalized, “it will be of great social and economic gains.”

In the event that the petition filed by Gwada Ogot is adopted, it will no longer be a crime to plant or sell weed. Here are the 3 most common efficient and effective methods of consuming the cannabis drug (weed) that will get you high.

1. Inhalation Method.
This is the most commonly used method of consuming weed. It can be done using the simple combustion method like joints and pipes, combustion and water method like with bongs and bubblers and finally the vaporization method. Simple combustion is the least healthy way to consume weed because of all the smoke. On the other hand, The vaporization method is the most healthy method under the inhaling category of consuming weed because of the huge reduction in the amount of smoke produced. An added advantage to vaporization method is that the people next to you will not smell the weed when you smoke using the vaporizer.

There are other consumption methods that are designed specifically for medical purposes such as skin applications. Cannabis cream works really well as an anti-inflammatory however it will not get you high.

Psoriasis treated by weed


2. Oral Method.
On the other hand, the cannabis tincture also known as the green or golden dragon (liquid extract) is a medical application that will actually get you high. It also comes in form of THC mouth sprays. Both cannabis tinctures and mouth sprays are medical grade, ultra healthy ingestion methods that have zero amount of smoke. Both methods are quick as the high kicks in really fast. It is one of the safest ways to consume weed.

3. Ingestion Method.
Finally we have the actual ingestion edibles. This is the healthiest ingestion method of them all. However because the stomach is involved, the high takes quite a long time to kick in and when it actually does kick in the high lasts for a long while (couple of hours). So if you are trying to get high really fast, this might not be the most suitable method to use. Weed edibles include chocolate and baked treats like cake, cookies and biscuits. The weed drinks are discreet and smell-free, their high kicks in really fast compared to the solid weed edibles and the effects last in a more reasonable time frame than the solid weed edibles.


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