Endelea Kutegemea Taxi! Esther Passaris Rides A Bicycle To Parliament

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris yesterday rode a bicycle to parliament in a bid to promote cycling as an alternative means of transport.

She braved the traffic from her residence in Kitusuru to Parliament buildings to attend the afternoon sittings.

“Feeling elated for a successful ride from my home to Parliament this afternoon. Admittedly, cycling in Nairobi is a daunting task loaded with many risks, but that shouldn’t be the case,” she said.

Passaris said this was in line with her objectives to understand the challenges of cycling in the city with a view to lobby policy makers at the county and national levels to create dedicated cycling lanes.

On Saturday, Passaris participated in a female cyclists competetion where they rode from Kenyatta Ave all the way to Panari Hotel on Mombasa Rd and back to the CBD in under 45 minutes.

Check photos below.







Photo Credits: esther passaris

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