Female celebrities in Kenya who rock dyed hair

Different people are able to rock different hair styles and its no wonder why celebrities tend to have a signature look.When it comes to dying your hair it requires a lot of hair maintenance procedures that one needs to follow, in order to ensure the hair grows healthy and strong.

1. Wahu Kagwi


Well known musician Wahu has always had a thing for short which actually complements her. She has dyed her various times and honestly speaking that was a great choice.

2. Cece Sagini


She is an African singer and songwriter based in Nairobi, Kenya. She first came into the music scene with a collaboration with Jimmy Gait with the song Appointment.

She also rocks dyed hair.

3. Huddah Monroe


One of the most known Kenyan socialite Huddah has always had her signature look being short hair.She has tried different things with it which includes dying it .

She was still on fire and driving Kenyan men crazy.

4. Liz Madowo

liz madowo

Sister to one of the most well known anchors who recently started working with BBC Larry Madowo is also an enthusiast when it comes to dying hair.

She has rocked colours which other people would be shy doing them and has been able to rock them as well.

5. Lyra Aoko


Kenyan born fashion and lifestyle photographer, Lyra has been known for doing amazing portraits. For her love of fashion she has been spotted with dyed hair, doing colours which might be a risk doing because of things like skin tonne and which colour complements you well.

6. Joy Kendi


She is a Kenyan YouTuber, lifestyle and fashion blogger of justjoykendi blog. She made short hair be her signature look and at some point decided to dye it as well.




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