Fred Arocho At The Talk Sports Studio

Fred Arocho Talks About Meeting The World’s Best Football Commentators In The UK

Radio Jambo’s top football commentator, Fred Arocho is currently in the United Kingdom where he is training with the best of the best in  sports commentary.

Fred is famed for his finese in sassing out sports stories and reporting on them on his weekly radio show dubbed Weekend Warm Up every Saturday from 11am to 2pm.

Speaking exclusively to Radio Jambo, Fred said, his UK trip is going swimmingly.

“The training is about football commentary by one of the best media house – soccerwise – in the world, called  Talk Sports. Currently Radio Africa and the London based media house have a brilliant partnership that allowed for this training,” Fred said.

The training was for four days.  Fred got to interact with the station’s on air and off air crew and learn about their operations. The station does commentary in seven languages, Spanish, English, Kiswahi, Chinese, Malay (Malasia ) Vietnamise (Vietnam) and Arabic.

Some of the popular radio personalities he meet included Alvaro Romeo from Spain and Paul Hawksbee from England.

Fred Arocho and Hassan Ali
Fred Arocho with co presenter Hassan ali at the press centrer after the Wolves vs Chelsea match.

“The highlight of my training is when I commentated a live game on Radio Jambo from Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton with a capacity of 31700,” Fred said excitedly, “It was a totally different experience.”

However, the Radio Jambo on air talent said the it took him a while to get used to the cold chilly weather.

“I learned a great deal especially on how to prepare for a match. Their prep is thorough. I liked that. professionally, the experience will definitely help me become a better journalist, after all I got tips from reknown commentators. The trip also gave me a chance to visit renowned stadiums like Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) Emirates (Arsenal) Olympic Pack (Westham).”

Here are some photos from the UK training trip.

Fred Arocho At The Talk Sports Studio Fred Arocho At The Talk Sports Studio


Photo Credits: Fred Arocho

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