ayub ogada

Funeral plans for the late Ayub Ogada


Legendary musician Ayub Ogada will be buried on February 16 at Nyahera, Kisumu county.

Ayub, whose best know hit was the 1993 production Kothbiro, died on his sofa about 5pm last Friday while watching TV.

His widow Yvonne had gone to the kitchen after giving him some milk, when one of her daughters called saying he had stopped talking to her.

“When I went to the sitting room he was seated with his eyes glued to the TV, his body was still warm. I ran and called my mother-in-law’s sister, who came and told me he was already gone. I closed his eyes because he was no more,” Yvonne said. Ayub had been ailing for the last two years and was being treated for a spinal problem.


Photo Credits: facebook

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