Gathoni Wamuchomba Draws Mixed Reactions After Calling On Kikuyu Men To Embrace Polygamy

Controversial Kiambu woman representative has ignited another storm after she advised men from Central Kenya to embrace polygamy in order to increase the region’s population.

The first-time legislative added that the move will also play a huge role in reducing infidelity cases as well as reducing the number of children born out of wedlock.

As quoted by The Star, Wamuchomba believes that as many men rely on illicit brews there are many women out there who are yearning to get married.

“The situation has forced young women to sire children with married men who end up abandoning them to raise the babies single-handedly.”

“As much as we are talking about our church and our culture, we must go back to the drawing board and get solutions to some of these problems,” the MP said.

Her comments has since attracted a wide range of reactions from Kenyans with some criticizing while also drawing a number of support.

Check the reactions below.

Ciira Maina : if you can afford, bora unga isikose Kwa nyumba,,, If a man can manage to have a mpango wa kando without her wife’s knowledge,,Mtu hujikuna afikiapo! Iko Nini?

Duncan Mugah: Gathoni WA Muchomba should know that polygamy is an option thing which only few individuals who think they can do should, polygamy isnt right according to the Bible. That’s greed of women, I say. I disagree with Gathoni.

Douglas Kiplagat: I agree, in fact we should legalize polygamy. its so saddening when we struggle with abandoned children after one is dead.

Kinoti Eng: We men by nature we r polygamy this colonization of one man one woman is the problem causing rise in sponsors. I support her and this as introduced a topic many fear to speak about. Kwani iko nini heheheh

Photo Credits: The star

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