Wahu and Tumiso at Loisaba conservancy

Girls trip! Check out how Wahu and Tumiso are enjoying their holiday

Celebrity mom, Wahu Kagwi and her first born daughter Tumiso, have been enjoying a girls only trip for the last few days, leaving Nameless and Nyakio Mathenge at home.

According to the now gospel artist, she embarked on a special trip with Tumiso just months before she becomes a teen, so that the two could ‘bond’ and ‘have some mummy-tumi time.’

Posting on her Instagram page, Wahu who is still in awe by the fact that her young queen is growing pretty fast, decided to strengthen her bond with Tumiso by taking her to Loisaba Conservancy, since she is in love with nature.

She wrote:

Title: Bonding with my pre-teen: 2019 is such a landmark year for me, because my little girl is turning 13 this August. 😯😯 (where did the time go! Cant believe I was burping her just the other day!) I’m grateful to God for how far He’s brought us. 

She added:

 Now as my baby enters into her teens, Its so important that I maintain my bond with her. And so I decided to bring her on a special trip where we can bond and have some mummy-tumi time, you know, to catch up, open up, and really just to have that “one thing” that “we” did just before she turned 13. So because she loves nature so much, what better place to bring her than Loisaba Conservancy!


At Loisaba conservancy the two angels have so far managed to ride camels, feed, pet and interact with the elephants and also mingle freely with the community members.


Check out the photos from their trip below.
wahu and tumiso
Wahu and Tumiso at Loisaba conservancy
tumiso loisaba wahi and tumiso girls trip
wahu and tumiso

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