After The ‘Githeri Man’ Went Viral, Kenyans Want To Make His Life Better!

Do you remember the ‘Githeri Man’? Kenya’s newest celebrity?

Well if the train left you, he is the man who has won many Kenyans hearts after a photo of him in a queue during the elections, holding a paper bag full of githeri went viral on social media.

As always, Kenyans on social media did what they do best. Make hilarious memes of the man, photoshoping the middle aged man in almost every iconic picture around the world, much to everyone’s amusement.

The memes which have been doing rounds for the past 48-hours have just but united Kenyans from all walks of life especially at a time when everyone is talking about elections.

The memes saw the Githeri Man, photo shopped alighting from a helicopter with President Kenyatta, celebrating Kenya 7’s historic first sevens world series win, chilling with popular rappers, Kanye West and Drake among many others.

With all said and done, one Chris Kirwa, a prominent events planner was touched by the memes and more so the iconic photo of the man and he has urged Kenyans to help locate the man and make his life better!

Calling him an uncelebrated hero, Chris Kirwa’s goal is to see if he and his friends ‘can make a difference by celebrating him and his family.’

Dear Kenyans – Now that #GitheriMan is trending … thanks to all of us posting him …. can we locate him and find out his life situation and see if we can make a difference by celebrating him and his family ? He is uncelebrated Hero Right now. Read Chris Kirwa’s Facebook status in part.

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i is looking for him to feature him on Churchill Show
Thomas BigTed Kwaka can we find a way to make his life even better 😀. I am ready to contribute. Him carrying his Githeri (Snack) meant he had planned to survive and vote no matter what for a better Kenya
Simon Kabu can we organize a holiday for him ? Who else is ready to make him smile too they way he has made us smile ?
He has united Kenyans across political divide and brought a sense of humor during the tense Election Period, Can we celebrate him …
#PleaseShare if in agreement. 🙏🏿

Let us all celebrate the Githeri Man!.

Below are some of the popular memes.

githeri1 githeri2 githeri4 githeri5 githeri6 githeri7


Photo Credits: Twitter

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