AUDIO: Meet Swahili speaking French ambassador to Kenya who supports Kibera's black stars

A few months ago, breakfast presenters, Gidi and Ghost hosted Germany ambassador to Kenya his excellency Andreas Peschke  the man who won many Kenyans' hearts with his fluency in Swahili language.

Fast forward months later, the two presenters once again pulled the unexpected when they hosted his excellency, French ambassador to Kenya, Mr. Remi Marechaux, who is also one of the few Swahili speaking diplomats around.

And just like Mr. Peschke, Marechaux awed millions of listeners who applauded his brilliant Swahili speakings skills terming his as compared to a large number of actual Swahili speaking Kenyans.

Marechaux opened up on Kenya-France relationship and the lengths which France, are willing to go to eradicate poverty and illiteracy not only in the country but as well as the entire East African region

Despite having a busy schedule, Marechaux went on to reveal he supports Kibera's 'black stars' football team which currently tops the FKF national league.

Listen to the audio below: