NAIROBI: Angry Mob Lynches Two Suspected Thugs In Umoja

Police stand next to body of a dead suspected thug in a past robbery incident. | image source: |

Two suspected thugs were lynched by an angry mob on Saturday night following a botched robbery on an Mpesa shop in Umoja area, Nairobi.

The two thugs were on a motorbike.

They raided the shop and grabbed an unknown amount of cash and a mobile phone before trying to escape.

However an alarm was raised and people who were near the area pounced on them and beat them to death.

Two other members of the gang however managed to escape. The bodies of the suspects were taken to the Nairobi City mortuary.

In another, police are investigating the origin of a pistol that was found abandoned at a car wash area in Riruta Satelite, Nairobi.

The Gloak pistol was found in an open place by carwash attendants who alerted police.

Police say they are yet to know the owner of the weapon and according to their assumptions, it seems to have been robbed from a civilian holder.

The weapon was taken by the police who have started their investigations.