I Would Love To Work With The Likes Of Victor Wanyama In My 'Zoezi Sport' Brand - Yvonne Bulimo

Former Tujuane reality show host, Yvonne Bulimo is a lady on a mission, a couple of years after disappearing from the public eye.

Miss Bulimo is back and already causing ripples, this time in the fashion world after launching her very own 'Zoezi Sport' a budding lifestyle and fitness brand, which in her own words is, "Made for the fit and fearless women and soon to be men."

The US-based designer created Zoezi Sport back in 2014 before deciding to launch the brand in 2017 in Nairobi prior to enjoying success in Los Angeles California, where she has been competing with huge American brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma.

Speaking exclusively to Radio Jambo, the beautiful fitness junkie revealed that she had a strong vision about wanting to transcend from the gym to creating a workout gear that perfectly suited her fitness style.

Her motivating factor was the belief that by looking good while working out always sparks the feel good factor which eventually motivates one to stay fit.

"The motivation came from me living here, working out and I always wanted to wear fashionable workout clothes and I couldn't really find what I liked here in Kenya, so I designed my first Zoezi Sport sample which incorporates different shapes and sizes and that is where it came from." Said Bulimo.

But why is she focusing so much on women?

"Well first is always about the ladies, I am not a guy so I don't know what a guy wears. So I wanted to first of all focus on women and then go to men because I feel like men have a lot of testosterone and are known to be strong already, women are not always known to be strong so that's the reason why I started out with women first." She said.

Bulimo who has since worked with influential fitness gurus in the US is open to working with Kenyan athletes especially exemplary sports women who have put Kenya on the map.

"I have not worked with any Kenyan athlete. We just launched in November it's now January and now we are trying to find the perfect Kenyan sports person who can represent the brand."

Watch the interview below.