Kumbe ni baba? Meet Willy Paul's 'miracle family'!

Gospel singer Willy Paul has been keeping a low profile and has decided to emerge from his cocoon.

he has done so by unveiling his what he has branded as "family".

My question is, is this a secret family he has been hiding from the public limelight or is this another publicity stunt to push a new song he will be unveiling soon?

This comes after he got the internet in a frenzy when he unleashed photos of his wedding with Jamaican singer Alaine. It turned out to the scenes from the release of his song, 'I do'.

Well, he has posted two photos of him with an unidentified woman and a baby boy looking all cosy as a family would on a day out.

Kenyans hawachelewi, they have reacted.

josephinekanaiza: Eeeh @will paul unashinda kuimba kuimba hapa mademu walikucganganya cha😂 Nairobi mpaka Mombasa cha😂😂, Kayole hadi Dandora,## malingo e.t.c kwan ulioa lini😂😂😂😂😂 anyway big up love your songs.

yobranito: Why did u lie then that u married Alaine . Man wacha kutubebea ufala

ladreame: Huyo mtoy ukishapiga picha muweke chini atembeee aai i...ni mzito sana we cn see the struggle😂😂😂

vickxever24: So now after priest deya stopped miracles babies now its miracle families??? 254 wonders.

jaybee_mc_ambugo: My nigga not showing off.pap utaskia willy paul ameduu harusi.lakini boli uliingiza kweli ndugu.

morata2126: That was a song maze!!hakudanganya...mnawaga wajinga sana hadi vitu ndogo kushikanisha ni shda???Alaine and willy hiyo iliwa just a song actually a collabo.ii mambo ya kudhania ufala muache.get facts clear before kuropokwa.

anapolegitic: What’s with all the negativity can’t a man just take a walk with his family........life ya music iko kando na ya familia the music video was just 🎶 like any other artist would do a collabo.....haterz ni wengi though can’t lie anyways bigup @willy.paul.msafi n congratulations my brother!!!

deniskinara: Even the great gospel singer willy paul is siring children out of wedlock😟😟😟 goodbye gospel.

benjy1467: He doesn’t represent the Gospel that I know. He is hiding into it to get your coin through music. Remember the gospel tells us that those who are really born again we will know them by their deeds. Don’t say bye to the gospel because of him. His deeds, behavior will tell you if he is of the gospel.And maybe could be his sister and niece or nephew. He hasn’t put it clear if the lady is his wife anyway.

munene_njagi: Too much melanin for you,this cannot be your kid. You are the Michael Jackson type who will bleach someday because you think being light is beauty.

munene_njagi: One thing I can tell about unintelligent guys is that they don't have their own strong opinons. Stay woke, black is gorgeous. It's that unique thing no one can get perfectly, I saw some woman trying to be black and she looks like a zombie. But if a black person wants to be white,voila!

chei_che: Anything is possible with this guy.

thee_walter: Family Love ang'oa?? Fathers look at their families in photos, Slaykings look at the Camera.

abai_eddy: Doohh!!! Haya ndo mapenzi. Hata mama mzazi hana habari ķuwa ndoa ipo

Check out Willy Paul's miracle family that most people had no idea existed.