Mama yoooo! Louis Otieno still needs your help

There is a new development on the Louis Otieno news that shocked Kenyans to silence. Louis's failing health and lack of financial muscle to get treatment gave us all pause.

Louis has gone through a lot and this left him in deep depression, including being accused of killing his girlfriend.

"One morning I wake up and I cannot hear the nurse. Just like that," Louis said, "I literary live in a cave, I have no idea what is going on in the world."

The former KTN news anchor is set to hold a major fundraiser in May 18, at the Kempinski Hotel, in Nairobi to raise Sh4 million for the specialised operation.

Early March, a Kenyans Surgeon, Prof Macharia Muthure came to the rescue of Louis Otieno with the efforts trying to solve his hearing Problem. Prof Machari who is a specialist in Ear Nose and Throat treatment offered to perform surgery on Louis Otieno.

The media personality needs electronic devices inserted into his inner ears, the cochlear, in order to be able to detect sounds.

Swatting away tears, Louis told Dr. Mercy Korir of KTN News, "Nobody tries to check up on you."
He continued,"I'm from a life where i had two phones that would ring 24/7, i had people on speed dial, who were supposed friends, I had people who are now leaders, i had people who are governors, opinion leaders, parliament...i had them and no one was interested."

He continued, "The word friends changed, it was not what it is. Because I looked for them and I can't find them."

But Millie Odhimabo has stepped up to the plate and said she will do all she can to help the former King of TV News.

“Our attention has been brought to the plight of Louis Otieno who was a top media personality in Kenya, and we want to say as concerned Members of Parliament that we are going to support him in whichever little way we can.” Milly Odhiambo said.

This seems to be a tough year for legendary TV news anchors. Louis Otieno has been out of a job for a while and now he is requesting the public to help him fundraise for his medical condition.

Louis' pals and family have come together and launched the Louis Otieno Medical Funds Drive.

They wrote in the funds appeal message, "As you all may be aware Louis has been unwell and in and out of hospital being treated for acute pancreatitis. During one of his admissions, Louis lost his hearing while in hospital."

"Efforts to get his hearing fixed including using hearing Aids have not been successful."

"During this period, he has not been able to engage in any gainful income generating activities which has been straineous for him and family. After consultations with doctors, it was agreed that the only way the hearing could be fixed was by having a procedure undertaken in India called Cochlear implant. The cost of this very needed surgery is quite high and hence our reaching out to friends, well wishers, former peers and anyone who feels moved to support this man get his life back again.

They continued, "A paybill number 333957, has been opened and is active so you can send your donations directly to the paybill. The committee is also planning a harambee to support Louis.

"We all know of the great work he did in media and we wish to see him continue this good work. Join us in the initiative to help Louis Otieno gain his hearing back again!"

So far, Kenyans have already donated Sh1.73 million to the former celebrated TV personality.