University hostels more dangerous than city slums? Here are 13 activities why...

A recent research claims that Kenya universities hostels turned into dens of crime and drugs

The report indicated university students collude to cover up criminal activities, concealing the rot that now threatens the lives of many learners.

The Commission for University Education (CUE) report blames poor collaboration between universities/constituent colleges and the National Security Council for rising crime in the institutions of higher learning.

“Universities (are) becoming hideouts and convergence points for criminals, especially in hostels,” says part of the report presented to Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed last week.

The report also revealed shocking details about active radicalisation cells in universities. It also emerged that politicians tap the mess of students’ ethnic alliances in hostels to build political bases that further threaten the safety and security of learners.

The commission’s chairman, Prof Chacha Nyaigotti Chacha, and the commission secretary, Prof Mwenda Ntarangwi, presented the report to the CS.

Overall, the report attributes the security lapses to laxity, saying little attention has been given to security concerns in universities and constituent colleges.

Here are 13 shocking activities that take place in the campus hostels

  1. Weed selling and baking of weed cookies.
  2. Orgies shot for porn websites at premium fees.
  3. Making over the counter drugs concoctions like mixing codeine with tablets and sell them at room parties
  4. Snaking each other's super daddies and sponsors. On weekends and public holidays rich old men are sported picking young girls from the hostels at the wee hours of the night.
  5. Pimping first years to old rich and influential men.
  6. Lesbianism and gay related activities
  7. Relationship instigated murders
  8. Violence and stabbing related to romantic relationships gone bad
  9. Recruitment into cults
  10. Suicides motivated by financial problems or failed romantic relationships
  11. Prostitution
  12. The rooms are used to store stolen items before they are fenced.
  13. Rent out hostel room for sex - It is called going on exile. Or renting it out to outsiders while student stays at home an collects the rent.