'I found my husband, his cousin and a lady in the bathroom showering,' - Annitah Raey narrates

'Sema na Raey' host, Annitah Raey was in an abusive marriage at the age of 19.
The presenter and her mother did not see eye to eye, so after she completed Form 4 she opted to get married instead of going back home, Annitah told Radiojambo.co.ke.

"I finished school in November and got married in December to a guy I thought would be the best husband ever. He was 10 years older and, as I was young, I hoped marriage would be a bed of roses."
Five months later, Annitah came home one evening and found another woman's shoes at the doorstep.
"I got in the house, met my husband, his cousin and a lady in the bathroom showering. Of course being the woman of that house I decided to ask who the woman was, but he slapped me and that was the turning point in our marriage.
For the first time I decided to call my parents but they did not help me."
Going back home was not an option so she put up with the man until the abuse grew worse.
"He did not stop cheating, but I told myself the marriage had to work. The longer I waited, the more violent he became.

I received beatings, even with my first pregnancy. The emotional abuse was worse than the physical abuse and I had to leave that marriage. And the worst thing is that I left my son with him."