I have been cheating on my husband with other women for 13 years!

Lesbianism and same sex unions are slowly turning from being a taboo to being a norm in the country with such cases now on the rise in for the last few years.

In August, on Annitah Raey's 'Sema na Raey' show, a lesbian lady named Regina from Nairobi revealed that she once burnt down her girlfriend’s house after she moved in with another woman.

Regina claimed that what motivated her to do the ungodly act is the fact that she was the one who out of love bought a land and built a house for her girlfriend, only for her to move in with a mysterious woman.

A month later, another lady who chose to remain anonymous opened up about her being a lesbian despite being married for over 10 years!
According to the lady, she was introduced into lesbianism when she was just 19 by her then boss and she has never looked back ever since. She shocked many when she revealed that she finds it tough quitting her habits years later.
What's more shocking is the fact that her hubby has no clue she has been cheating on him with other women.

Read her confession below.
Hilo ni janga kubwa na niko kwenye hiyo hali. Nina mika 43 na nimekuwa kwa hiyo shida tangia nikiwa na miaka kumi na tisa na nili introduciwa na boss wangu.

Nilikuwa nimeandikwa kazi kwa hizi estates na mdosi wangu alikuwa wa hayo maneno na nikazoea kabisa. I have a man, I have four kids but ako tu na hajui.

Nimekuwa kwa ndoa for around 13-years na hajui wala hajawahi shuku. Mtuombee na we want that advice tujue tutafanya nini.

Listen to the audio below.