Kenyan MPs who have not spoken in Parliamentary sessions

Kenyan members of parliament are known to speak out a lot and more often than not, their utterances have landed them in hot soup, with some even getting summoned for perpetrating hate speech.

However, there are some Mps who tend to be silent, they have never been seen or heard speaking in any parliamentary proceedings.

1. Abdullahi Banticha

He is the Isiolo south member of parliament and is known to be one of the most quiet Mps in parliament.

2. Alex Kosgey

Alex is the member of parliament for Emgwen constituency in Nandi county.

3. Benjamin Andayi 

He is the member of parliament for Khwisero constituency which is located in Kakamega county.

4. Aisha Jumwa

She is the woman representative of Kilifi county and even though she is seen talking to the people in different occasions when it comes to parliament she is one of the quietest.

5. Mary Keraa

She is the woman representative of Kisii and has been known to be quiet during parliamentary sessions.

6. Janet Teiyaa

She is the nominated mp for the disabled in Kenya. She is also quite quiet when it comes to parliamentary sessions.

7. Charles Gimose 

He is the member of parliament of Hamisi constituency, Vihiga county. He might be seen in numerous occasions talking to the wananchi, however, in parliament he is rather quiet.

8. Steven Kariuki

The member of parliament for Mathare constituency in Nairobi is also among the quiet mps.