'Wilbroda' opens up about motherhood and alcohol addiction (VIDEO)

wilbroda opens up on alcoholism
wilbroda opens up on alcoholism
Jacquey Akinyi Nyaminde, popularly known as 'Wilbroda' has opened up on her struggle with alcohol addiction two years after she called it quits.

The former Papa Shirandula actress said that she made up her mind to stop drinking after alcohol slowly started taking over her life. Surprisingly, ruining her relationships with close friends even with her son.

"First of all I have to say I had to stop drinking because the drinking was taking over me. I don't have a problem with people drinking, as long as it does not take over your life then it is fine!" She said.

If you can control it and it doesn't control you then you are good to go. That was my major issue then because I realized that the drinking was taking over." She added.

However, the mother of one does not mind taking a glass or two of wine while unwinding, but that doesn't mean she is on her way back to her past since she can go for months without having a drop of wine.

"Sometimes when I sit with a glass of wine people are like; She is back to drinking! It is because back then I did not say no, now I can sit for days and months and say I'm not gonna have that glass of wine." Said Wilbroda.

How her decision has impacted her role as a mother

It's amazing especially now because I can have a conversation with my son, he's eight and a half years now so you know he'll tell me mama no he'll say mama yes. Tumepita hiyo stage ya kila saa kugombana and I thank God I have an amazing son.

My son is my entertainment when am home and am feeling down, the moment he is there I feel like my heart is just calm.

Check the video below.