‘Have s3x once a week, no matter what!’ couples reveal how they keep their marriages alive

A number of married people have revealed the different ways they keep their marriage going.

As part of its Marriage: An Investigation series, The Cut asked 10 married people to reveal the methods that they rely on to ensure that their marriage stays successful and exciting.

Having sex on a regular basis and avoiding looking at each other’s messages and emails are just some of the many ways the loved-up couples keep their marriages in tact.

Interesting! Married people have revealed the different ways they keep their marriages going, including avoiding looking at each others messages and getting a boob job (stock image)

While many respondents focus their energy on giving each other space, several said the key to keeping their marriage going revolved around their love life.

48-year-old Randy, who has been married for 15 years, said that ‘the best thing’ she ever did for her relationship was getting a boob job.

She explained: ‘I feel sexy every night with my husband now, and it made us stronger and closer, without a doubt.’

Liza, 49, who has been married for almost 20 years, said: ‘Lube. Designer lube. Lube you leave out on your nightstand.’

Similarly, Julia, who has been married to her partner for eight years, said: ‘Have sex once a week, no matter what.’

The 38-year-old added: ‘If you don’t do this, you end up feeling like roommates, and who wants to live with a gross boy?’

Another woman, who has been married to her husband for just three years, said the keep to keeping her marriage going is ‘blow jobs’.

She explained: ‘I can get away with almost anything if I blow him on a regular basis.’

Meanwhile, others said they keep their marriage going by implementing certain rules in place – some of which regard finances.

40-year-old Aviva said: ‘I don’t know or care about his finances. He doesn’t know or care about mine.’

Aviva, who has been married three years, added: ‘If he doesn’t do his taxes on time? F**k it, not my problem.’

Tanya, 33, who has been married for just two years, said: ‘We never, ever, ever look at each other’s emails or texts.

‘Snooping leads to nothing good,’ she added.

Another woman, Carly, 38, said hiring a ‘cleaning person’ is one way she and her partner, who have been married for four years, keep their marriage going.


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