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Heated debate over Education CS nominee George Magoha’s attitude during job interview 


Everyone is talking about Education CS nominee Prof George Magoha’s interview with a vetting panel at county hall.

The surgeon, professor, manager and entrepreneur, Magoha told MP’s he has never failed at anything and he will not tolerate “monkey business” if he takes over the docket.

“In all my years as a surgeon [transpland and urology],  I can proudly say no one died on the operating table. If I fail in this position, then it will be the first. I did not lobby for my nomination. It is purely on professionalism. If this is what you want, then I’m ready to deliver, but if there are any shady dealings, then you can keep your job,” Magoha told MPs when he appeared before the Committee on Appointments.

Kenyans on social media are talking about his interview in the comments below.

Sam Cautious… The vetters were rude how can ask a person that there are 3 luos from siaya as ministers .He was against stupidity.

Blanco Bruno Bob.. What do you expect when someone like sudi.. he’s interviewing magoha!

Lydiah Meighsoon Okay maybe the person who was interviewing magoha was not that learned compared to magoha ,,that’s why he saw everything as nonesence ,,,,

george magoha in bunge
THIS IS THE POINT: Education CS nominee Prof George Magoha during his vetting at County Hall on Thursday Image: JACK OWUOR

Crespus Mwakio professor vs the panel
that was nice.. because someone is a vetter they think a job seeker is foolish thats why they ask foolish qstns

Christine Njomo ..These are the kind of people we need here. …nonsense hatupendi

Mike Ndutta …Even if he can deliver he doesn’t have to be rude, being humble doesn’t cost him anything

Peter Dedan Olawoh… I know most of you didn’t pass through this man when he was the DVC -UoN!!! Any one who was a student then would tell you!! Hhmmmmhhh
Peter Inyambukho.. Prof was right, how do you expect a teacher replying to a student, and those calling themselves vetters they approved Achesa just imagine, on my view they are among exams cheaters and got in parliament by mistake computer chicks

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