Hilarious comparison how Kenyans answer job interview questions versus politicians 


Prof George Magoha’s job interview in bunge has captured national attention.

Many Kenyans are saying he was rude to MP’s questioning him why he thinks he deserves the job.

A facebook user has come up with a comparison of how Kenyans respond to questions in job interviews versus others who are nominated for high profile jobs.

Do you agree with the description below.


*How an ordinary Kenyan answers interview questions, and how Prof Magoha did.

Q: *So, tell us briefly why we should pick you for this job, why you need this job*.

*Magoha*: It is this job that needs me. I didn’t apply for it. I have other things to do.

*Kenyan*: I have been tarmacking for 12 years in vain. I have children to feed and my sick mother needs drugs. I know I will do my best if given a chance. I am asking God to soften your hearts so you don’t send me back to poverty.

Q: *Briefly tell us about your working life*.

*Magoha*: I thought you already read my 97-page bio? This means you are interviewing a stranger. You know in my many years of performing surgery, I don’t go into theatre before studying the patient’s history closely. I don’t know how you can interview me if you don’t already know my background. These are the things I want to change in this country.

*Kenyan*: I used to work for Sanjit Singh and Sons as Administration Manager, but he made me offload cement and tiles from lorries despite my lofty title. I have suffered. When you called me for this interview, I just told God he is Ebenezer.

Q: *You are here asking for this government job yet you have been seen with opposition leaders and your tribe is always opposing the government*?

*Magoja*: I don’t go checking whether my friends are Jubilee or ODM, Luo or Giriama. Don’t try this nonsense of classifying me. You can give this job to someone else if you think this job will make you box me into certain classifications.

*Kenyan*: Mimi? Mimi nikaonekana na Raila? Ukajua vile nachukia huyo mtu tangu cousin yangu auwawe PEV! Mimi na opposition ni ng’oooo! Na kabila yangu haiwezi pinga serikali. Kama serikali ni mti, kabila yangu ndio humwagia huo mti maji.

Q: *Assuming we pick you, when are you ready to start*?

*Magoha*: I have to consult the appointing authority and discuss transitions in my current services. It is a question better answered later.

*Kenyan*: Nionyeshe desk yangu nianze saa hii. Sitaki kuenda halafu mufanyie wengine interview. Mahali nimetoka ni Ebenezer.

Q: *Some say your age is a little too advanced for this job, in a country where there are qualified younger people*.

*Magoha*: Then why are you interviewing me instead of those qualified younger people?

*Kenyan*: God will see you if you deny me the job over age. Age is just a number. How old was Abraham when God gave him a son? You are doubting Ebenezer!

Q: *What guarantees do you give that you will deliver*?

*Magoha*: Why should I give guarantees? You sit there and wait to see my results.

*Kenyan*: Mnaweza shika hata title deed yetu ndio mjue nitadeliver haki. Don’t deny me the job!


Photo Credits: facebook

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