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Hilarious! Mzee Toldo Qurya’s Narrates How His Beer Enhances His Alertness

Well I guess we have all seen his sporty side as well as his adventurous side, on and off the studio but who knew Radio Jambo sports commentator, Toldo Qurya would one day turn into an online comedian?

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The Chelsea FC die hard fan left his fans in tears after he put up a hilarious joke on his Facebook page, highlighting how alert he gets whenever he has a bottle or two of beer.

Unlike other revelers who end up losing their car keys, drunk calling their mipango ya kando or end up in a bar brawl, his bottle helps him make the right decisions especially when he’s walking back home.

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Read his post below and don’t you hesitate to share the joke.


When I cross the road…
I look left and right for cars and bikes, look up for aeroplanes, look down for bombs, look back for kidnappers, hold my beer tight and watch the person besides me then walk zigzag to avoid bullets 😎😎

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