Hizo Pockets Kubwa Ni Za Kuweka Bribes? Politicians, Celebrities and Kenyans react to new police uniforms in hilarious way

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday unveiled new uniforms for police officers.

“These uniform will enhance visibility of the officers. Tungependa tuone hiyo uniform…” Uhuru said during the re-organisation of the Kenya Police.

The uniforms which are blue in colour were paraded at the Kenya School of Government. The officers wearing the uniforms marched to the podium to showcase the new uniforms.

Kenyans have taken note of the uniform with some comparing it to security guard or Chinese police uniform.

JOHNNY GACHANJA….Zinakaa za KK security

Clean Cooking…There was no public participation, design competition, even police officers participation. This was single sourced by some color blind team It is similar to what Chinese laborers wear on projects outside china. Its a tsunami. #Kenya #KOT

Kipterter.(GCertSciLbTech; HSC,)….And if I may ask, what athe big pockets for? stashing bribes?

@araapsimbolee 🇰🇪….I don’t feel them either!!!They missed this one big tym

MburuMburu…Inaitwa Kavulundi blue.

osman….Hii uniform apana manze

Lemi Clife….Izi ni wa Chinese wametuforce tuchukue kwao..they similar😂😱



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