‘I Can’t Promise Not To Cheat On You Because Even If I Don’t Want To, These Delilahs Will Tempt me to,’ Man Pens Down Heartwarming Message To His Wife

They say men egos are delicate like children, so you have to handle them with care. Some men are abusive but there’s nothing their women can do.

Some stick on to those relationships because they have nowhere to go.

They stay for the sake of children.

Anyway, there are a few men out here who admit to their mistakes and apologize to their wives. But ladies, would you stick with a man who cheats on you?

A man has shocked many after he admitted to being a wife batterer and cheating on his wife. The bold man revealed that his wife is the most loyal woman he has ever met and despite him having a roving eye, he would never trade her for any other woman.

Read his letter to his wife

“I love my wife.
Baby I love you and I will marry you over and over. I married my wife because she is very loyal and patient with me. I can’t count how many times I have cheated on her, countless times and she will still receive me in open arms once I go on my knees.

In her soft tone, she says baby play safe. She prays for me like her life depends on me. I love her so much . Even the day I got drunk and hit her by mistake, all she did was hold me as I was boxing her, she was just screaming ‘I am sorry’, ‘I am sorry’, even for doing nothing . I was drunk but I could hear her in my head before I slept off on the ground I did not forgive myself in the morning when I saw her swollen eyes. My wife is the best and I will not trade her for any side

My wife is the best and I will not trade her for any side chic. She will remain my number 1. As a fine successful man, every girl wants me but only my wife can keep me and love me like a baby. Love you baby, I will never hit you in my life again. I can’t promise not to cheat on you because even if I don’t want to, these Delilahs Will tempt me to.”

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