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‘I thought your brain is bigger than your mouth,’ KOT bash Khalwale for making fun of Raila

Kenyans on Twitter bashed former Kakamega County Senator, Boni Khalwale after he posted a picture making fun of opposition chief, Raila Odinga.

The outspoken politician took to Twitter on Sunday evening where he posted a photoshoped image of Raila Odinga with swollen lips. In his tweet, Khalwale claims that Raila’s bodily harm was caused by an MP-elect in Ugunja.

Siasa za ubishi kati ya Cleopas Malala na mtangulizi Bonni Khalwale

The tweet read:

Police in Ugunja, are looking for an MP-elect for having caused actual body harm to a leader of a political party during a by election


The post did not auger well with Kenyans on Twitter who labeled his actions as childish and disrespectful.

Everyone is amused at these photos of Boni Khalwale dancing

Read some of the reactions below.

Doctor Sule: I thought your brain is bigger than your mouth,bigger than the bulls you chase…now have realised the reason you always attend burials.The substance in you is eroding very fast guided by your stomach and teeth.

Ichuloi: Dr with all due respect I don’t expect you to lower your self to this kind of social engagement. You may have your political differences but it doesn’t have to come to this level. No Daktari,protect your image!!

Alex Ndalila: At your age, stature and calibre, this is stupid!

King Espoir: Imagine how this ppl will behave in 2022, a full grown up old man with grandchildren. Si hizi vitu ni za teenagers jameni

Amakanji Thomas: I am ashamed! Very ashamed to be a luhya indeed.. a whole Doctor doing such mediocrity to appease his boss online🤷🏽‍♂️ Oparanya needs another term**I wish** this kind of leaders are a nuisance



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