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‘I was a hustler, selling groceries and women’s clothes,’ Kajairo

Seasoned Comedian and Former Embakasi MP aspirant, Peter Kaimenyi popularly known as Kajairo’s life history is an inspiring one.

From being a hustler who used to run a small grocery kibanda and hawking women’s clothes to being one of the best media personalities, his is a true example of from rags to riches.

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Kajairo is well known for his parody songs which took the Kenyan industry by storm mid 2000s when Kenya’s comedy industry was taking shape.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on ‘Itakuwaje’ segment on Wednesday afternoon, revealed that he is a jack of all trades something which has kept him going and is in return giving back to society by mentoring the youths to achieve their dreams.

I would say I am blessed to have so many gifts and passions but it’s upon you to decide among all those, which one should you put all your energy and focus on so I decided to settle on conducting business since I have a gift for business. He Said.  When I cleared high school I took part in the grocery business, I sold women’s clothes and I also owned a barber shop.

So I used to go to Gikomba market to get my clothes supply and marikiti market for my grocery supplies as well before closing shop. Then I joined the university where also I continued with my entrepreneurial skills by selling alcoholic drinks. Added Kajairo.

After he completed his University course, the father of one opened a fast food restaurant in Buruburu before he fully focused on his acting talent at phoenix theatre in Nairobi before he was employed in one of the media houses as a creative writer.

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But how did he come to ditch comedy?

Apart from engaging in business, we also have responsibilities of nurturing upcoming talents and back then I had the chance of doing other shows that were helping the youth like ‘Pranksters’ and you realize that most of your time is consumed while nurturing talents and conducting business.

Slowly you find yourself writing less than before, you are not recording songs and that is how I disappeared from the radar. He said.

In the audio below, Kajairo went on to reveal what really pushed him into vying for the Embakasi MP seat and how he handled the entire experience.

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