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‘I’m like every other football fan…’ blind football fan speaks out

A visually-impaired Liverpool supporter whose celebration of Mohamed Salah’s goal against Napoli went viral has spoken of the moment for the first time, saying that he is ‘like every other football fan’.

In the video, Liverpool supporters can be seen jumping up and down in pandemonium as they celebrate taking the lead before it focuses in on Mike Kearney.

Kearney is seen smiling as his cousin embraces him and talks into his ear to explain Salah’s opening goal in the Champions League clash on Tuesday evening.

Heartwarming moment blind Liverpool fan celebrates Salah’s goal
blind fan‘I’m like every other football fan – it doesn’t matter if I can’t see clearly, I still celebrate,’ Kearney told BBC Sport. ‘It was just relief that we scored.

‘I wish I could see more but that doesn’t mean I can’t form an opinion of my own,’ he said.

‘It’s difficult for people that can see to understand, but I think of it as normal to me and I have been like that all my life. It’s just the way I watch the game.’

‘It was very blurry,’ he added. ‘Up close at the Kop End I am OK, but further away the ball gets harder to see. It wasn’t hard to work out what happened with noise.’

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blind fan1Fans were moved by the uplifting video and it quickly became a hit on social media with many using it as an example of how football can bring people closer together.

A post accompanying the video said: ‘This blind fan celebrating Salah’s goal after his friend tells him about the play is amazing! The beautiful game.’

Fans rushed to comment with one supporter saying: ‘That’s special. I’m a Blue (Everton fan) and I’m in tears over that.’

Another fan said: ‘This is one of the best things I’ve seen in a minute. Bless.’

blind fan2Kearney was clearly moved by the comments and responded later on Twitter, writing: ‘Nice to read all the comments about the video. It’s my cousin telling me it was mo who scored. I can see a little bit but not great. Didn’t know the camera got us.’

Salah’s crucial strike proved to be the winner in the end and was enough to see Liverpool advance through to the next round of the Champions League.

A similar video emerged over the World Cup and touched the hearts of many.

It showed a deaf-blind Brazil football fan enjoying their Group game against Costa Rica through the help of an interpreter who showed him what was happening on a miniature model of the pitch.blind fan3

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