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Wewe wacha kulenga! Kate Actress blasts hubby for avoiding Valentine’s plans (Video)

Catherine Kamau who is popularly known as Kate Actress has always defended her relationship with filmmaker Phil Karanja.

In an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, Kate Actress defended her hubby and family saying, people have no idea what their journey together has been like.

“I always get hurt when people go after my husband and myself and write bad things about us. Thisng that are not true. They don’t even know that my life journey has been a trying one. A hard one. They have no idea. And they also write about my son, it really hurts me, very much. Don’t mess with my family,” Kate said. 

In a parody video, Kate highlighted what she would like to do on the day of love, Valentine’s Day.

Kate asks Phil what the plan is, but he doesn’t look like he has any plans.

“Wacha ku avoid Valentine wewe,” Kate tells him.

Phil responds, “Si tutakua kazi?”

But Kate will have none of that, she shoots back, “Valentine’s kwa barabara?”

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