Kawangware man admits to stealing television to please beautiful wife

A cobbler who was charged with stealing a television in Kawangware has pleaded guilty.

This comes after he confessed that he did it to please his wife.

Moses Karanja admitted the theft before Kibera senior magistrate Florence Mutuku.

He was charged with stealing a 32-inch television on April 11.

 The prosecution said the accused was arrested after the public tipped off the police on suspicion that he was a thief. He was then arrested and taken to Kabete police station.

In his mitigation, Karanja told the court he was a Christian and he only stole the TV to make his wife happy.

He said he had a beautiful wife and children who depend on him and he was making sure that they enjoy his company.

He asked the court to forgive him and give him a lenient sentence as he will not repeat the mistake.

The magistrate directed that he be remanded until his sentencing today

In the same court, a man was charged with causing a disturbance at a police station by breaking a customer care table and threatening to beat up some officers who were at the reception for violating his rights.

Bernard Mudaha is accused of refusing to enter the police cells at the Parklands polices station and confronting the police officers after he was ordered to remove his belt, shoes and enter the cell.

 He had been arrested while drunk and shouting on the road in Ngara.

He was charged with blocking the police from arresting him and causing a disturbance at the police station.

He denied the charges.

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